Local winds and Global winds

What is Wind?

  • Wind Is the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.
  • You can measure wind speed with an anemometer ,a device that has three or four cups that spin on a pole.

What causes winds?

  • Winds are caused by differences in air pressure.
  • Differences in air pressure are caused by differences in how places are heated by the sun.Warm air has less pressure than cooler air.
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Local Winds

What are Local winds?

  • Local winds are winds that blow over a short distance.
  • A cool breeze blowing in from the water over a beach is an example of a local wind.

How are local winds created?

  • Local winds are created by unequal heating of Earth's surface within a small area.

How do Sea breezes blow?

  • A Sea breeze is a local wind that blows from an ocean.
  • Sea breezes blow towards land during day time during the day the land becomes warmer than the water. As warm air rises over the land, cold from over the water moves in to fill the space, that´s causing a sea breeze to blow.
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How do Land breezes blow?

  • A Land breeze is local wind that blows from Land.
  • Land breezes blow toward's the ocean during night time and land cools faster than the sea at night, so air over the the land falls to give higher pressure and the air over the sea rises relatively.
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Global winds

What are Global winds?

  • Global winds are winds that travel over large area like the Globe.

How are Global winds created?

  • Global winds are created by unequal Heating of Earth's Atmosphere.
  • In the Equator, the daily hours of sunlight are almost exactly 12 hours, while at the poles, a day includes either 24 hours of sunlight or 24 hours of night

What are the Horse Latitudes?

  • This is a wind Belt that forms about 30 North and South Latitude between the trade winds and the Prevailing Westerlites.
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What are jet streams?

  • Jet Streams are very strong winds.
  • This was discovered in 1940 during World War II, pilots noticed that their Flying speeds were very significantly reduced when flying against some areas in the upper troposphere.
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What are Prevailing Westerlies?

  • This is the Belt extending from 30 degrees to 60 degrees latitude from the Itcz
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What are Prevailing Esterlies?

  • Prevailing Esterlies is the Belt that covers from 60 degrees latitudes to the North and South poles
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