Welcome to COMM 115!

Our journey together will help improve our information literacy/research skills. We will explore how technology influences our access to information, how to evaluate information, how to synthesize our research, and how to communicate our research. Your Portfolio Project for the course will be a culmination of everything from this course as you communicate your research about your career.

This course is unique because you have two instructors. By having two instuctors, you will receive additional perspective and more instructor involvement in the course. Both instuctors will participate in the weekly discussions, but we will divide up the grading.

Here is some other vital information:

  1. Check out the Meet Your Instructor tab for important information about myself and the other instructor.
  2. Review important course information in the Introductory Documents tab.
  3. If you ever have a question or concern about anything, hit the Ask Your Instructor tab (If you want your message to remain private, e-mail one of the instructors).
  4. Check the Announcements tab often.
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