Project 1

Technology in the Classroom

What do you think this class is all about?

I believe this class will be about how to utilize technology in the classroom as a teacher and how to engage students with new technology.

What do you hope to learn in this class?

I hope to become more familiar with 'Tech Tools' and to learn new ideas that can help me become the best teacher I can be.

What are your preconceived notions about the use of technology in the classroom?

I think technology is important and the earlier you introduce it, the easy it is to adapt and use it. I can see technology being stressful for students because I find it stressful. However, I think it's such a powerful resource and needs to be introduced at an early age.

What do you plan to do to be successful in this course?

Practice, practice, practice. I am new to 'Tech Tools' and the only way I will be successful is to practice and become familiar with all the different tools. I think communication with my peers and professors will be a key role to being successful in this class.

What are your expectations for yourself as a student in this technology class?

I expect myself to turn in all my work and be at every class. By doing this, I hope to achieve a good grade and learn a lot of new information. By the end of this semester I hope I can navigate and teach others new technology skills.
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What are your expectations for yourself as a future teacher using (or not using) technology in your classroom?

As a teacher I think I would be cheating my students if I didn't use technology in the classroom. We live in a fast paced world and we need to do everything we can to keep up, so I want to produce smart, resourceful, and assertive students. I believe technology can play a key role in a students success. Children are our future and if we invest our time and energy in them we can achieve so much. As a teacher I expect myself to keep up with the worlds technology, and show my kids what all it has to offer.
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Will the kind of student you are now reflect the type of teacher you might become later? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe my character shows through my work. How much time and effort I put in to school work shows how much time and effort I will put in to my students. I am also responsible with my school work and have good communication with my professors. A teacher takes on a lot of responsibilities and must have excellent communication with their students, parents, and staff.

What issues will you face in your journey to become a teacher? How can this class help you overcome these issues?

At times, I am afraid to step out of my shell and can be afraid to try new things. This class will help me overcome that fear and show me new information and resources that I didn't have before. I am excited for this class because I think it will be fun but also a challenge for me.