E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes have left me in a state of Dilemma!!

After from writing, I do have a favorite pastime. This is smoking. Well, I am an intense smoker and I have been continuing this habit since class nine. Though my parents tried to restrict me from smoking but I never listened to them and now it has been a long time but I am still continuing my habit of smoking. I don’t know but I feel really different while smoking. But recently, I have been listening to electronic cigarettes all the time. Whether it is newspapers or commercials, e cigarettes are always at the forefront. The controversies have really tempted me to try it.

Even some of my friends have suggested me to try electronic cigarettes and leave the smoking habit. Well, to be honest, even I want to try e cigarettes. They have asked me to go through the electronic cigarette reviews and I always go through it. Well, from newspapers and other researches, I have analyzed that some consider e cigarettes to be the best replacement therapy while FDA is planning for a ban of these products. So, the controversies which have tempted me have also left me in a state of dilemma. I am confused whether these battery operated devices are effective or not. Recently, I read news that some states have banned these devices to minors and are soon planning to regulate it for the rest.

Well, all these are really interrupting my thoughts. I hope that the issue really ends and I will be able to make a decision. Well, currently the e cigarette market is earning a huge profit and predicted to earn even more in spite of the issues going in and around. The reason behind it is considered to be the effort made by the best electronic cigarette brands to provide the good quality products.