OMS 8th Grade Newsletter

Important Reminders and Upcoming Events Below! 12/7 - 12/11

Savannah Information

Upcoming Savannah Trip Payment

The second payment for the 2016 Savannah Trip is due on Thursday, January 7th. The remaining balance or $130.00 can be made by check (payable to Otwell Middle School), cash or online with a credit card. The portal for credit card payments will not open until December 14th and will close at midnight on January 7th.

GA Milestones Score Report

Please see the attached parent letter regarding the EOG Test Scores that your child is bringing home this week.

Parent Letter Attached

Shoe Drive

Dear OMS Families,

Tired of all those old shoes laying around your house just taking up space?

Well, the OMS PTO will gladly take them and recycle them for you! That's right!

Bring in your old shoes (no flip flops please), and we will find them a new home.

We will also be running a contest in each grade level. The blue class that collects the most shoes by January 22nd will each win a pizza party on January 29th!

The PTO will receive fifty cents per pound of shoes collected, which goes right back to the school. So, please start collecting those shoes!

Thank you,

Christine Fitzpatrick


Yearbook Reminder

Order your 2015-2016 yearbook before they are sold out! The deadline to pre-order is Jan. 15th.

There are two packages to choose from:

• Basic Package = Full color book with foil name stamp - $50.00

• Bulldog Package = Full color book with foil name stamp and world yearbook - $55.00

There are three ways to order:

• Bring a check (made out to Otwell Middle) or cash to Mrs. Perkins in room 331 at Otwell

• Call the Yearbook Order Center at 866-287-3096

• Order online at

**When calling or ordering online, please use our school id #593

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8th Grade recognition ads are also still on sale! The price is $75.00 and are due no by Jan. 15th. They are 1/4 page ads and can be purchased and designed by you online at using Otwell’s school id #593. The format is easy to follow, but if you would like to send in payment or have the yearbook staff to design, please feel free to contact the yearbook advisor at

OMS Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Social Studies

Ms. Sessa:

We will conclude our study of Georgia’s Westward Expansion movement with a test on Monday, December 7th. Our next unit will be Antebellum Georgia with a focus on the events that prompted Southern Secession and the Civil War. Topics this week will include ideological differences between the North and South and Congressional legislation meant to keep a balance of power between the states.

Ms. Salazar:

Next week we will launch into our study of the foundations of the United States government: How we got our Constitution & Bill of Rights & why the government is set up like it is. We will finish the chapter with an open notes quiz & the movie, “National Treasure.”

Ms. Coleman:

Georgia History- 1st Semester Summative Recovery will be conducted Wednesday December 9th. Students eligible may select a time before school @ 8:00-8:45 AM or after school @ 4:30-5:15 PM. Our Chapter 11 & 12 exam is scheduled for Thursday December 17th.


Mrs. Holmes (Advanced):

Students are continuing their study of waves and their interactions. This upcoming week we will have our annual Music Day on 12/8. Students are encouraged to bring in an instrument for us to listen to and explore all things SOUND! :) The remainder of the week, we will focus on learning about the Electromagnetic spectrum and light. We will have a Waves unit test on Tuesday, 12/15.

Mr. McCormack, Mr. Kinneer, and Mrs. Holmes:

Students are continuing their study of waves and their interactions. The beginning of the week students will be learning about all things SOUND! :) The remainder of the week, we will focus on learning about the Electromagnetic spectrum and light. We will have a Waves unit test on Tuesday, 12/15.


Ms. Pitner and Mrs. Black:

Students have spent this week putting together all of the concepts they have learned in Unit 3. They began comparing different types of functions. Students have also learned to graph linear functions and write the equation of a function by looking at the graph. On Thursday, students took a quiz that will assess their overall understanding of slope, linear functions, and slope-intercept form (y=mx+b). Friday, students were able to look over the quiz to help them identify areas they need to remediate. Students also worked on a Unit 3 Review worksheet to help them prepare for our final summative next week. The answers to this review are posted on It’s Learning.

The Unit 3 – Linear Functions test is on Tuesday, December 8th. There will be a morning review session on Tuesday (12/8) at 8:15 am. Any student interested in coming in should see his/her teacher for a pass. This test will cover:

· identifying functions

· indentifying linear/nonlinear functions

· slope/rate of change/unit rate

· slope-intercept form

· multiple representations of linear functions (graph, table, equation, ordered pairs)

Finally, after the Unit 3 test, we will begin the retake process for any student wishing to retake the Unit 1, 2, or 3 summative exams. These students will need to see his/her teacher for recovery work on Friday, December 11th. Students will complete this work over the weekend and turn it in on Monday, December 14th. Students need to score an 80% or better on this recovery work in order to be eligible for the retake. Retakes will be help before school on Thursday, December 17th.

Ms. Cooper:

Accelerated/Advanced Math – Cooper – Please check the class website for all assignments (ie. homework, class work, and assessments).


Ms. Pacheco:This past week has been a great week and I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with your students. They have written an essay in Spanish and they have come out very good. They will have presented them on Friday 12/4. We will officially begin Unit 4 on Monday, but they have had an introduction through this week’s homework. We will be learning about traveling and Latin American Geography.

Ms. Campos:

Students have completed Unit 3 Performance Based Summative about the family. We are starting Unit 4 which is about Geography and will learn several new grammatical concepts. Our midterm will be the third week of January. Please continue encouraging practice at home.

**Mark your calendars! Our Spanish class will participate in the county 2015 World Language Expo. This year the event will be held at Lambert High School on Monday December 7, 2015. ALL high school and middle school language students are invited to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for your student to shine and show off his/her language skills. This year’s event will include opportunities for individual and group events. Questions? Check out future announcements or email Sra. Campos.**

Language Arts

Mrs. Taylor:

On level:

We are going to continue working on The Diary of Anne Frank. Students will have in class and at home reading. They are required to answer questions on a google doc. This will be a summative grade at the end of the unit.


We are wrapping up the novel And Then There Were None. Next week the students will be working on informational writing. They will make a newspaper from the time period of the novel (London 1940’s).

Mrs. Barrett and Ms. Sams:

We are reading several short stories in the next week and working to identify Theme and Symbolism. We will be reading the play version of “The Diary of Anne Frank” next week, as well. Our last summative for this semester will be Wednesday, December 16. Please check itslearning for any questions, homework updates, makeup work, and any due dates!


Mrs. Griffey:

We will be working on our testing folders next week, continuing our work on phonics with a formative and summative on recently covered skills, and we will begin working on a unit on figurative language.