Desert Storm

by Shad, Jacob, Kennedi, Cole

Important people

Colin Pawel was the first native American general. Military leader born april5 in new york went to a small college in new york

*David Wimberg was the superman they said in the war they said it took the whole army to kill him. He died and there is not allot of research but he lived in france than immigrated to U.S.A.

*George Bush was the won who demanded war.In 2002,President George W. Bush demanded that Iraq allow inspectors into the country. When they refused, another war called the Iraq War began.

*Saddam Hussein built a powerful army that included over 5,000 tanks and 1,500,000 soldiers.In May of 1990, Saddam began to blame the economic woes of his country on Kuwait. He said they were producing too much oil and driving down prices. He also accused Kuwait of stealing oil from Iraq near the border.The leader of Iraq was a dictator named Saddam Hussein. Kuwait was a very rich country with lots of oil. Conquering Kuwait would help solve Iraq's money problems and control of the oil would make Saddam Hussein very powerful.

Where it took place

*Prison gulf, Iraq, New York peace room, Court Saudi Arabia

*The persian gulf also known as the arabian

*In August 2 1990 through February 4th 1991


fun facts

Oil and gas problems

We used over 10,000 liters of of gas and oil it was the trucks the tanks it was burning a lot of fossil fuels it was bad because we did not have no more oil for a longer war a lot of soldiers died of pollution we had alot of oil rigs usa was stealing oil frome iraq

collin powel

Who or what caused this event?

*The U.S. started the attack because of the attack on Kuwait.

* A dog attacked them so the U.S shot at it and iraq started shooting at them because they heard gun shots so iraq started shooting to protect themselves this meant war

Innovations or Inventions from event

*A lot of weapon invitons and bombs were made

*The Persian gulf cost was bad because they made bombs and deadly missiles that killed many people

*During the war Iraq built 5,000 tanks for the war

*they also made a fire gun for and during the war

Legal changes

The impact of the desert storm has never been the same since the attack from kuwait and iraq. So the made new laws to protect them just in case it ever happens again.

What effect did this event have?

*50,000 people died and 1,000 civilians died. And a lot of environmental problems.

*148 U.S. soldiers were killed in action during the war. More than 20,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed.

*During their retreat, the Iraqi forces seburned for months after the war was over. fire to oil wells across Kuwait. Huge fire

*The war cost the United States around $61 billion. Other countries (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Japan) helped to pay around $52 billion of the U.S. costs.

*The British military operations during the war were codenamed "Operation Granby.”