The Orphan Train

By:Chris Jones

Orphan Train

The Orphan Train lasted for around 75 years. Dating all the way back to around 1854 until 1929. The Orphan Train Experience was an experience in which up to 250,000 homeless,orphaned and abandoned children were tooken off of the streets of Eastern Cities and put into rural areas of the Midwest.
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Who Were The Orphan Train Riders?

The orphan train riders were abandoned and homeless children who lived on the streets of New York City.
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Why did the Orphan Train Ride Start?

The Orphan Train was started by a guy, by the name of Charles Loring Brace; who was also the founder of Children's Aid Society. He would always see all these homeless children and wonder about their likelihood of a successful future. He knew their would be a very slim chance of one, so he decided to start removing children out of poverty and city streets ;and start placing them in upright farm families.
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How were the Orphan Riders Treated?