Twitter and ASU

A. Evans, T. Hageter, J. Noel, K. Payne, and S. Williams

Social networking site that has taken businesses, schools, organizations and personal lives to the next digital level.

Began in 2006, 400 million monthly visitors, 340 million daily tweets, 1.6 billion searches in a day. 460,000 people open accounts every day.

Brazil, Venezuela, Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia are the top 5 markets. First off-Earth tweet was from the International Space Station in 2010.

Open Source Software drives everything and makes it possible. Allows for the downloading of software solutions and use of them. Every tweet moves though it on its way between computers and mobile devices.

Digital Natives- developed an affinity with technology at an early age. Cell phones! Tablets! Apps! Rewired Brain! But lack adequate communication skills!

Appalachian State University can release information in seconds: school closings, news updates, official announcements, what's for dinner, media information, weather, events, etc! Collaboration with teachers! 83% of Internet users ages 18-29 use social media, so why not communicate in this manner!

Most active university users: George Washington University and University of Florida. Most active account follower: The College of William and Mary

ASU uses Twitter to globalize the campus and connect it to the rest of the world. Economics, Politics, Social Issues!