Reading Towards Success

Team Philosophy

Literacy is not limited to one class, but must be integrated into all classes to create critical thinkers.

Wolverine Literacy Goals for '15-'16

Our Wolverines are working hard to achieve an 8% increase in their MAP literacy scores.

Wolverines make the grade!

Our grading policy is designed to effectively rate the performance and ability of every student fairly and consistently. Student grades will be reported as follows:

  • A = Excellent progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (90-100%).
  • B = Above average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (80-89%).
  • C = Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (70-79%).
  • D = Below Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (60-69%).
  • F = Failure toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (50-59%).

Wolverine Rules!!

1. Hall Pass:

  • Nursing-pink pass
  • Guidance-orange pass
  • Office-red pass
  • Restroom-blue pass

2. Electronics: only allowed with permission

3. 10-10 Rule: Ten minutes in the beginning of class and last ten minutes of class, there is no restroom break (unless it's an emergency)

4. Respectful to team leaders and teammates

5. Work towards success!

Student Rules and Discipline Policy

Classroom rules and procedures ensure that every student has an opportunity to learn in a safe and encouraging environment. Rules are clearly stated and infractions will be met with appropriate interventions. Classroom rules are:

1. Respect is given to everyone; to the teacher, to our peers, and to ourselves.

2. Listen and follow directions.

3. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.

4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5. Be prepared every day.

6. Be responsible.

7. Be consistent.

Interventions are broken into three different types: Minor, Moderate, and Major. A complete breakdown of behavior and interventions are linked to the complete Classroom Discipline Policy Letter.

Meet Our Team!

Our staff does more than just teach! We're are resources and facilitators working towards the success of every student!

Have a question? Ask our spokesperson!

Mrs. Frost



Takes all notes, records meetings, and our spokesperson.

Can take any questions through emails. (efrost@email.edu)

These teachers are also apart of our awesome team!

Biweekly: Our Assistant Principal meets with us, along with our Guidance Counselor and IEP/Special Education teacher.

Once every 9 weeks: Our media specialist, Physical Educators, and Arts department

pcollucci@email.edu 555-555-5555 theschoolwebsite.com

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We want to hear from you!

Education is a team process and your participation is crucial. We will be in contact with you throughout the year by email, progress reports, and unit updates. You may feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns by email or at the school, 864-555-####. We are available 30 minutes before school, during our planning period (1:05-1:55), for 1 hour afterschool, or by appointment for your convenience. You are always welcome to “sit-in” and observe class pursuant to regular school rules for visitors (see Student Handbook).