Rheel News from IMS

January 2022

A note from Ms. Alicia

I am so proud of our students. They continue to walk in our doors with heads held high and smiles every morning. They continue to show the resiliency we all strive for. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your commitment for your student in our school. They are the joy of our building and the reason we do what we do. We are proud of our environments and we know where we want to continue to grow. We look forward to the future and the strengthening of our mission to create the best learning environment for each student!

As always, take care and be well!

Ms. Alicia

The big question...WHY?

Let's look at what MAP does and how we use it.

Children learn better—and faster—when teachers have a clear picture of what each student knows and is ready to learn next.

Why did Island Montessori choose MAP tests?

MAP Growth is a computer-adaptive test. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. This type of assessment challenges top performers without overwhelming students whose skills are below grade level.

Why does my student have to take this three times a year?

MAP Growth measures growth over time, allowing the teacher to track your child’s progress throughout the school year and across multiple years. This allows teachers to also see the potential of regression from end of year to beginning of year and after a break like winter break.

Why do I only see the report at the end of the school year?

Teachers use the scores to inform instruction, personalize learning, and monitor the growth of individual students. Administrators use the scores to see the performance and progress of a grade level and the school. These reports are not to determine grade level proficiency. Just as the EOGS, these assessments provide one data point to look at in terms of overall proficiency and should not be used as a determining factor of grade proficiency.

How can I help my student at home?

Conversations around the assessment and the reason behind it. It is not to be a stressor on our students. Reassure them the reason behind our MAP assessments. For more ideas and support, see this blog from NWEA specifically for families.


Big picture

Love Your School - Grow Your School!

We appreciate everyone jumping in and selling those raffle tickets! The students are excited about the limited edition socks. I think some are a little too excited to be the top class in their level to be able to water ballon, pie, or silly string me!!

We are so excited for our next growth of our outdoor classroom! Imagine our bridge ceremonies, plays, musicals, and environmental education class getting to spend time gathering in a beautiful outdoor space. Each ticket sale helps us get closer to that goal!

Please remember the following:

  • If you are unable to sell the tickets, that is okay!! Please just return the tickets to the front office as soon as possible.
  • If you have sold your 10 tickets, please return the stubs and the money to the front office.
  • If you can sell more than 10, please reach out to the front office. We like to confirm with parents before we give more tickets to the students!
  • If you sell 1 ticket or 2 ticket, that is wonderful!! Every little bit helps! Please do not think it is all or nothing!
  • All ticket sales need to be completed and handed in by February 15th.
  • The winner will be selected on Friday, February 18th at our Family Bowling Night

Don't worry - we will be sure to take photos of all the fun for the classes that win and share with you all!

Drop - Off Reminders

Please remember and share with other members of your family that may drop off your students in the morning.

  • Our drop off is one single line of cars in the lane furthest from the building. This allows students space to safely exit cars and walk to the front doors.

Please do not use the lane closest to the building!

  • Students are to remain in their cars until the front doors are open. Students are not to be left unattended out front waiting for the doors to open.
  • Make sure your student has exited the vehicle and stepped away before you begin to drive away. We have seen some close calls lately...We do not want to see a student have a foot ran over!
  • Please pull all the way up to the end of the building. We know it is cold but it is important to the flow of traffic to pull all the way up and not drop your students at the front door.

Help spread the word about our school!


Do you remember your excitement of getting that phone call saying a seat has come available for your student?

Help us share information about our school!

All applications for the lottery are due Thursday, February 3rd by 4:00pm.

**IF you are a preschool parent, you have to apply to enter the lottery for Kindergarten!

Spread the word!

Applications are available on our school website!


  • February 15th - Last day to turn in Raffle Tickets
  • February 16th - Full teacher work day - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
  • February 18th - Family Bowling Night at Cardinal Lanes
  • February 22nd - Take out Tuesday
  • February 23rd - Charter Board meeting
  • February 24th - Lottery Night