What would they prefer?

by: Melissa Ramos, Melanie Sendejo, and Branson Moore


In a controlled environment would ants prefer peanut butter over grapes?


If we had ten ants in total and put half in one petri dish with grapes then within one minute they would crawl into the other petri dish containing the peanut butter with the other half of ants, because they rather would have peanut butter.

The manipulated variable in this lab is. . . . peanut butter

The range to be used is from one to sixty seconds.

Describe how the control would be set up

The control set up will be the use of two petri dishes both containing five ants in each one. One dish will have peanut butter and the other will contain grapes.

Description of 3 constant factors used in this lab. To describe- give amounts used, type used...

1. Ants, there's always going to be ten

2. Petri dish there's two

3. The control dish containing the grapes.


1. Ten ants

2. Two petri dishes

3. Timer

4. Peanut butter

5. Grapes


Manipulated variable procedure: The manipulated variable is the petri dish with five ants containing the peanut butter.

1. Catch ants

2. Leave one petri dish with peanut butter and five ants

3. Set timer to one minute

4. Observe how many bugs are on each side

5. Continue four more times totaling to five minutes

6. Collect information


Our first observation was detected on how many ants, out of ten ants total, would end up on the petri dish with peanut butter on it and how many would end up on the petri dish with the grapes at the end of every minute. Our second observation, which was our controlled observation, was determined of two empty petri dishes, one left and one right. This controlled observation was also based on how many, out of the ten ants in total, would end up on the left petri dish and how many would up on the left dish per minute.
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grapes (e: 5 o: 8.3) peanut butter (e: 5 o: 2)

(8.2-5)^2/5= 2.048 (2-5)^2/5= 1.8

2.048+1.8= 3.848


controlled: left (e: 5 o: 4.3) right (e: 5 o: 5.7)

(4.3-5)^2/5= .098 (5.7-5)^2/5= .098

.098+.098= .196



Our hypothesis to this lab was rejected because the ants did not prefer peanut butter over grapes. The overall concept of this lab was determined by our observations that the ants preferred a moisturized wet environment rather than a stale, gooey environment.