The Rwandan Genocide

The Definition of Genocide

The Animosity Continues

When the president of Rwanda, Juvenai Habyarimana, was assassinated by a surface-to-air missile; The conflict between groups continued.

Thousands Murdered.

"800,000 Tutsi tribe members were systimatically slaughtered" (Melvern 10).  Bodies were dumped in piles on the sides of the roads.  "The bodies were not allowed to be buried but only to rot" (Rosenberg).  Women had the worst of it.  Most men were shot or decapitated.  Women were mutilated, cut up, and burned or buried alive.

This Animosity Went for 35 Years

The Massacre Finally Stopped in 1994

What the world did to stop it.

The RPF stepped in and took control of the situation  They asked the world to do all they could; they demanded for this massacre to stop, immediately.