Welcome Back! Hybrid Information

Mrs. McCollum, Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

April Events

April 7: Last Day of 3rd Marking Period

April 8: 1st Day for Thursday/Friday hybrid students

April 12: 1st Day for Monday/Tuesday hybrid students

April 22: Board of Trustees Zoom Mtg, 6 pm

New❗️Family ID Numbers

Each family has been assigned a Family ID number. This number is the same for all siblings in the home. Parents can find this number in Jupiter, under Settings, at the bottom of the screen. Your child's teacher or the front desk staff can also provide your Family ID number.

Family ID for Arrival: Tell AAECS staff your Family ID upon arrival to help us identify your child and get them safely to their classroom.

Family ID for Dismissal: The person picking up students will be asked to share the Family ID with the staff person who will greet them in the parking lot. We are using an app that will notify the teachers that your child or children needs to be ready to dismiss. By the time you pull around to the front, your children will be ready. We will provide each family with a card to post the Family ID in the window of their vehicle to further assist our staff in bringing your children to you.


Walkers: All walkers must enter through the FRONT of the building. We will ask you to walk around to the front on the sidewalks and a staff person will assist you in crossing the lot. No children may be dropped off from the surrounding streets.

Traffic Flow Map: The traffic flow pictured below is the same for arrival and dismissal. Parents will enter the rear lot from the Church St. side and will be arranged in 2 rows. For both arrival and dismissal, it is essential that parents remain in the vehicle, to help this process run safely and to avoid back-ups on our surrounding streets.

Arrival: Doors open at 8:30 am. Please do not arrive earlier. We will open your vehicle doors when you arrive at the front of the building. We will confirm via your Family ID that your child is supposed to attend that day. We will then escort K/1 students to their rooms. All other students will be directed by staff to their correct room.

Dismissal begins at 2:30 pm. A staff person will get your Family ID as you enter the lot. When you arrive at the front of the building, staff will escort your child to your vehicle. Please DO NOT arrive before 2:15 pm! Our students will be outside for recess using our new barriers. You will not be permitted to enter the parking lot. Arriving at 2:30 or later will help us ensure the line moves smoothly.

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Student ID Tags

Each student will be provided with a tag on their first day of school to attach to their book bag. This tag will help us identify their classroom and default mode of dismissal. Students who attend on Mondays and Tuesdays will have a red tag. Students who attend on Thursdays and Fridays will have a blue tag.

Hybrid Meals

Food Allergies: We have a number of students with peanut allergies. If you choose to send in meals or snacks with your child, we ask your help to keep our students safe by avoiding foods that contain peanuts or peanut oils. All hybrid students must have a completed Student Health Update form, which is connected to our Hybrid Back to School Form (also required for each student).

Breakfast: Upon arrival, each student will have a school breakfast awaiting in their classroom, should they choose to eat it. They may also eat breakfast from home. Students will eat at their desks, which are 6 feet apart.

Lunch: Students will be assigned a seat in the cafeteria, where they are seated, 2 to a table. Students who did not bring a lunch will have their meal ready at their seat when they arrive to the cafeteria. Each table will be sanitized between lunches. Students will sit in the same assigned spot for each lunch. When students are finished eating, they will use hand sanitizer and go outside for a short recess (about 15 minutes). Masks must be worn at recess. We will strive to find multiple opportunities to get students outside during the day in small groups.

Student Medications

If you have medication to drop off, it must be given to her, along with the required completed forms. Mrs. Shotwell, our school nurse, will be outside with our staff for arrival to receive any medication and paperwork from your car.

Student Schedules

If your child's classroom teacher will not be teaching from the building on hybrid days, he or she will introduce their class to their hybrid teacher this week. Your child's teacher will also confirm which classroom he or she will be in. Each room is clearly labeled with a sign hanging in front of the door. Rooms are set up as K1, K2, K3 or 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, etc.

All students follow a similar schedule with Morning Meeting, ELA and Math occurring before lunch. Afternoon classes include Social Studies or Science, Arts, Creative Movement/SEL groups and Flex Periods to work on practice or review assignments. SEL classes with Mrs. Micciche, Mr. Brown, Mr. Loch and Mr. Henegan will be held in-person in the classroom (and streamed through Zoom for virtual students).

Students will remain with their cohort throughout the day. If a student reports to another room for small group support, they will still be socially distanced, will sit in assigned seats and the room will be disinfected before they arrive and after they leave.

Dismissal begins at 2:30 pm.

Classrooms and Supplies

Each classroom has desks that are numbered and separated by 6 feet. Teachers will assign students a number and that will be their assigned seat each day. Next to each desk is a bin for students to place their bookbags. Students will not share supplies. If a teacher provides supplies, they will be put in the bin, to be taken home in the bookbag at the end of the day.

Each classroom has a sink to wash hands before and after meals or as needed. There are also bottles of hand sanitizer and extra disposable and cloth masks for students who need them.

Each day, students must bring their fully-charged iPads or Chromebooks and all other supplies as directed by the teacher. There are no water fountains available, so each student is encouraged to bring a water bottle labeled with their name. If a student needs water, we have additional 8-oz bottles of water in each room for students.


All teachers have cleaning supplies in their rooms to wipe down desks. Our maintenance staff has additional equipment and supplies to disinfect lunch tables, bathrooms and other areas as needed. Students and teachers are not in the building Wednesdays so deeper cleaning can be performed in all spaces between hybrid groups.

Students may not bring in cleaning supplies. No cleansers will be used by students nor in close proximity to them.

Masks Guidelines as Recommended by the CDC for all Students and Staff

Watch these videos to explain why students need to wear masks and how all AAECS staff will be wearing them too!

Why Do People Wear Masks | Little Ones Version | Jack Hartmann
Welcome Back - Hybrid!

Students will be reminded to practice good hygiene while in school.

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COVID-19 Screening, Contact Tracing & Building Closures

Screening: Each parent is expected to screen their children at home for COVID-19 symptoms. Our hybrid program is beginning as we enter allergy season, so we are aware that students may have sniffly noses or itchy eyes. Children who are sick should not come to school. Click here for a COVID Symptom Screener

Contact Tracing: We will work closely with the Department of Health to determine when contact tracing must be done and/or to determine if school must be closed for any amount of time. Students who have been identified as COVID-positive must obtain a negative COVID test or equivalent doctor's note to return to school.

School Closures: Currently, according to the size of our school and level of cases in Lehigh County, only 2 positive cases in our building will require a school closing for a day or two for deep cleaning. You can find the PA Department of Health's guidelines for our school size by clicking here. We have less than 500 students and Lehigh County is currently in the Substantial Level of daily COVID cases.

Make Sure We Can Contact You!

Log into our Jupiter portal, go to settings and update your phone, email address and emergency contacts: https://login.jupitered.com/login/?85438

If you have moved, please contact Mr. Rosario, Child Accounting Administrator for a moving packet.

Building Hours and Access

WEDNESDAYS ONLY - Meals pickup is from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. No appointment is necessary.

Reminder- Pickup Procedures:

  • Pull up to the main lobby entrance in FRONT of the building.
  • Remain in your vehicle. A staff person will come to you.
  • Please wear a mask. Provide the student's home address and open your trunk.
  • Staff will bring your items to you and place them in your vehicle.

All other building access will be by appointment only. If you have a technology issue, please submit our form by clicking here: Technology Support Request

Updated 20-21 Calendar

Click the link for the live Google Calendar or the revised print version. April 1 is now an in-session school day due to the 3 snow days we have had this school year.