Pineapples Everywhere !

Learn about the Importance of an Pineapple .

Description of an Pineapple

Pineapple's are american tropical plants . They have large sword like leaves . Pineapple's have exceptional tastes of sweet & tart . Pineapples have a wide cylindrical shape, a scaly green, brown or yellow skin and a regal crown of spiny , green leaves . The inside of the fruit color , is yellow .

Specialties of a pineapple

Did you know pineapple's have plenty of important nutrients ? Pineapple's have fiber in them . Pineapple's is an excellent source of Vitamin C & manganese . Its also a good source of Vitamin B , Folate , Copper & dietary fiber . A common cooking method is making a pineaple or mixed fruit smoothie of your choice . Did you know pineapples were first presented by Charles II it was grown in england .