Grigori Efimovich Rasputin

Great healer and friend of Czar Nicholas II

Who was he?

Grigori Rasputin was known to be a great healer and a powerful influence to the Czar of Nicholas II after he had left a religious academy in St. Petersburg. Rasputin was a man who had known to be a great sinner but then became a great penitent who drew extraordinary power from his experiences.

What did he do?

When Rasputin left his village he ended up in the academy in St. Petersburg, where he had been welcomed by Theophan, who was the inspector of the academy at the time. He was recommended by many people saying he was "A man of God" and Czar Nicholas put Rasputin in charge of healing the his son who was very ill from internal bleeding.
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Where did he learn his work?

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was born in the Siberian village of Pokrovskoe and grew up like any other child. He visited a monastery which was the first time he had encountered a ritual form of religion. He abandoned his wife and kids to become a "strannik," pilgrim or wanderer . He eventually came back to his village after two years and immediately people saw change in him. He ended up leaving to St. Petersburg, and had found out about the academy and stopped to see what it was like. He ended up joining the academy to study medical science with a hermit named Brother Makary, who taught most of what he knew later on.

When was he born/when he died

Grigori Efimovich Rasputin was born in January 23, 1872 and raised by Efim Vilkin Rasputin and Anna Parshukova. The day he left into the wilderness was unknown. He was assassinated by a large assortment of people which all of them had the same goal, to kill Rasputin. Yusupov had given him large amounts of cyanide, which had not seemed to effect him at all. Next he was shot at close quarters by Felix sitting next to him and he fell down on a white bearskin. After a while, he had opened his eyes and opened the door to the courtyard, and surprised Purishkevich who shot at him four times, but only landed one shot which penetrated his right kidney and lodged in his spine. He would have lived another 10-20 minutes but a sudden movement made one of them put a revolver to his head and pull the trigger. He was killed and buried in St. Petersburg

What influence did he have on Czar Nicholas II?

Grigori had been introduced to Nicholas and was to heal his daughter, Alexei, which everyone had thought was impossible because all of the other well-known doctors hadn’t been able to help him in any way. Everyone was astounded that Alexei was showing recovery signs just the day after, which earned rightfully him the name “A man of God”. From then on Grigori was the Royal family’s top adviser, and he had done a great job, but Czar Nicholas didn’t listen to him about his visions and advice to stay out of World War I and other major events.