Suicide Prevention

Cole Bernett

Warning Signs

- "I wish I was dead", "If (such and such) happens, I'll kill myself", " I'm going to kill myself", " Nobody needs me", " I just can't go on any longer", If they leave a suicide note you should get help and find them immediately and tell police. Suicide notes are left by 30% of victims in advance. If a person has been skipping school then you should get help and confront them. If a persons grades go down significantly you should get them help and confront them.
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Were you can go for help

There are a lot of people that you could go to help such as guidance counclers. You could also go to a doctor and get medications that could help u such as depression pills.

If you are at school you can go to any teacher and ask for help and go to the nurse for help. You can ask anyone that you fell comfortable talking to and know that they can help get you help as soon as possible.

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How Suiside is Peventible

Suicide can definitely be preventable. It can be Preventable by spreading the word and helping people that need help. BULLYING is a huge part of suicide and one of the biggest reasons for it and it needs to be stopped! So the next time you see someone being bullied you should tell a teacher and get it stopped as soon as possible.

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Suicide is nothing to joke about and even though we don't hear about it that often it happens a lot and is a big deal. if a person commits suicide there are 6 people that are effected and makes there life change such as family members and friends.