The Holocaust

Learning about the Nazis

The Nazis

The Nazis are German Party followers of Hitler that eliminated all the Non-German people in the nation. The word "Nazi" stands for National Socialist German Workers Party.

The Nazis had some ways to get the public to do what they wanted, or to control their opinion or what they do. Although they had many ways to do that , they have four main ways to do what they do.

1. They use technology or newspaper to get the public to agree with what they say.

2. They would do persuasive speeches so the other people could see what they were capable of doing and with their words, they would persuade them.

3. They would also make posters , so people could see many things and thoughts they would write down.

4. Also the Nazis would make parades to catch the publics attention!

The Nazis had people they would call the "SS". The SS where nazis troops that gave the people the orders. They took control of the rest of the Nazis. There are also four factors that contributed to the rise of the Nazis and Hilter. The first factor of the rise of the Nazis assisted of a Hitler advisor, also because of the leader , which is the dictator of the nation. The Nazis did a boycott and they took the peoples civil rights away. They also rose above the others because they had over 3 million soilders working for them. Since they had many soilders they would tell them to take over all the countrys because they had the power! The Nazis also got rid of the office of presidency.