Lance's Ledger

June 8 - 12 at Central Elementary

The Last Days of School

Like the "first days of school," the last days of school prior to summer break require special planning and skillful maneuvering on the part of adults. Teachers are busy balancing fun activities with year-end assessments and continued curriculum demands. Playground monitors are focusing on guiding student play in ways that prevent games of tag from escalating into full scale wrestling matches. We can all help students complete their school year on a positive note by keeping a few thoughts and practices in mind.

  1. Greet every child at the door with a smile and a kind word. Help them start their day off on the right foot!
  2. Remain calm and collected. Kids are excited and they often act before thinking. Assume they want to do the right thing and help GUIDE them toward success.
  3. Be vigilant and proactive in your interactions with students. If you see a student starting to go off track take a moment to calmly address the student and express kind concern (versus criticism) that the student was about to make a mistake and you are offering advice.
  4. Plan, over plan, and over plan the over planning to make sure you don't run out of activities for kids to do. Busy kids are happy and productive kids. Make sure to include interactive activities that help kids develop social skills in the ongoing lessons.
  5. Don't abandon the routines you have used all year with success. While you may need to be flexible and modify activities, please continue to hold class meetings and include students in problem solving.

One more thing that is crucial to our team's success...Every morning look into the mirror, give yourself a pat on the back and say, "I am a caring person who puts kids first and makes a difference in their lives and success. My efforts do matter and my love and patience have the potential to influence positive change in the lives I touch."

Thanks to all you Central peeps for making a difference!

Kids Love Color Walk and Kona Ice

The PTO sponsored Color Walk and Kona Ice treat were big hits with students on June 5. The figures as to the amount raised through the Color Walk weren't in at the time of publication; however, the smiles and squeals from kids netted the success of the event as "priceless." The course seemed "just right" and parent volunteers were plentiful. Thanks to our PTO for their organization of the event, to Anne McDonald for working out the scheduling , and to all the teachers and kids for their support and participation.

Special Tech Note to Teachers

The Tech Department needs our help. One of the issues will also help our office. Recently, several requests have come to the office asking secretaries to run copies for teachers because a teacher could not access a printer. Chris Lesko advises that all teachers should have access to 2-3 printers within the building. If teachers cannot access at least two printers from their classroom computer they are asked to put in a help-desk ticket to request access to an additional printer. This should alleviate the office back-up.

Secondly, our tech department attempted to resolve recent help-desk items and emailed teachers to get more information or to check if the situation was corrected. Unfortunately, they did not receive a response and the problem grew. Please help them out by responding to tech department emails as important. Their crew is limited to four people and they are afraid they will be unable to respond in a quick manner without relying on the person who reported a problem to help them run checks. Chris sends his deepest appreciation for any help we can give his crew.

This Week at Central

Monday, June 8
  • Fire Drill # 8
  • Conference appts.
  • Grade 4 Field Day (1-3 PM)
  • DHS Graduation (PM)

Tuesday, June 9

  • PLCs
  • Mrs. Kuzinski's room to Kitchen School
  • Conference appts.
  • Field Day Grade 3 (1-3)
  • T. Smith & C. Long Grade 1 Field Trip

Wednesday, June 10

  • Staff Meeting 7:35 - 8:15 AM / Agenda: School Improvement Plan Presentation/Updates
  • IEPs
  • Conference appts.
  • Field Day Grade 2 (1-3)
  • DAEHS Graduation (PM)

Thursday, June 11

  • Conference appts.
  • Table of Honor
  • Grade 1 Field Day (1-3)

Friday, June 12

  • Conference appts.
  • Father's Day Luncheon for Grades 1 & 3
  • Grade and Attendance Cut-off for 4th Marking Period

Looking Ahead

June 15...Full day of school for Central students/ Report cards and comments entered in Synergy by 3 PM. Report card printing begins; Father's day luncheon for Grades 2 & 4.

June 16...1/2 day of school for Central students/District staff luncheon 12:15 PM @ Hahn/teacher work afternoon

June 17...Full day of school for Central students/ Potter Park Zoo trip for Grade 2/ Picnic in the park Grade 3; Brag Tags for MP 4 given to students

June 18...Last day for Central students (full day). Teacher check-out begins at 4 PM./ Grade 1 to Park (9-11 AM)/ Grade 4 to park (10:30 - 12:30)

June 19...1/2 day for teachers/ Report cards mailed from office

June 25...Office closes to public at Noon/ Administration Meeting (9:30 - noon); SID Meeting 1 PM; Positive School Climate Goal Meeting 2-2:45 PM -Administrators

Have a great summer break!!!!!

Reflections for Students and Teachers

One of the instructional, professional, and personal practices that research shows to be very effective in promoting growth is "reflection." Following this introduction are links to two websites where 20 reflection questions are posed. One site is for students; the other site for teachers. The student questions could be used to keep kids writing and sharing during the last days of school. As for the questions for teachers? Well, these questions may bring closure to the year and allow each one of us to set goals for the next year.

Literal Thinking or Different Mindset?

This student would definitely benefit from explicit vocabulary instruction. :)

Have a fantastic week!