Nitrogen Cycle

By: Jayden Ward, logan brahs

Step 1

Nitrogen is introduced to the soil by rain and or lightning.
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Step 2

Nitrates don’t only come from the air. They can also be obtained by Some root and plants can also convert nitrogen in the soil into nitrates.

Step 3

Plants build up proteins using nitrates gotten from soil.

Step 4

Plants are consumed by other organisms which use the plant amino acids to make their own.
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Step 5

When animals poop, pee or die, the carcass decomposes and the nitrogen gets back into the soil in the form of ammonia.

Rinse and Repeat

Once nitrogen gets back into the air, the cycle continues.

Fun Nitrogen facts

78% of air is nitrogen.

Nitrogen is orderless and colorless

Nitrogen is a non-metal

Nitrogen has a valence of 3 or 5.