Food, Shopping, Nightlife.

What will we eat in the USA ?

We will have breakfast with scrambled eggs at Babbo, a famous restaurant in New York City. We will drink some banana milk. We think breakfast that is enough.

For lunch, we will eat grilled salmon with macaroni at Japanese restaurant in downtown New York. Taste is very good !

For dinner, we will eat T-bone steak with nachos at BLT Steak restaurant in Chinatown of New York city. Not only we get to eat delicious food, but also to experience Eastern culture.

Are you going shopping in the USA ?

Yes, we will go to shopping in New York. We will buy Chanel perfume at Manhattan mall. If we were billionare, we would buy all items that we see in here.

Where will we go party while in the USA ?

We will go out clubing at the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas. The atmosphere is help us remove all stress.

Deadmau5 @ XS Las Vegas 2nd Anniversary

Who are we ?