4th Floor Newsletter

Happy end of April / beginning of May everyone! Here is another newsletter with information on upcoming events and things to look forward to beginning May!

5/3 - Dinner Conversation with Minister Bill

Our resident minister, Bill, will be hosting a dinner Tuesday May 3 at 6 pm. More information coming this week.

Spanish LC Cooking Lesson!

The Spanish LC will be having another event soon where we will teach you how to make a traditional Latin American dish. There is a limited number of spots so sign-up as soon as possible if you are interested! Sign-up sheets will be by the bulletin board.

Date - to be decided. More Information coming soon!

5/15 - Xavier LC Brunch!

On Sunday, May 15, at 12:00 pm we will be having our LAST Xavier Brunch of the year! If you haven't had the chance to participate in one of our brunches during the last 2 quarters, now is your last chance to do so! Each LC will prepare a dish the represents the overall theme of the brunch. This quarter's theme is Tea! So make sure to come and try all the different teas people drink around the world.

Bulletin Board Vandalism

Recently, people on our floor have had their wishes/goals vandalized on the bulletin board. Penises have been drawn on some of the soccer balls, and some of the comments on them have been getting mean. Please keep in mind that the bulletin board is meant to keep you motivated and give you hope by reminding you of your goals this quarter. Writing on them and leaving negative comments is disrespectful and creates a hostile environment. If you see someone doing this tell them to stop or contact Sam or Alicia. Thank you all for working hard to make our floor a home.