Odyssey Book 1 and 2

By: Zach

Start of The Odyssey

The Trojan War has ended and the Greek men are beginning to make their way back home. Along their journey home, the men with Odysseus decide to kill and eat the Cattle of the Sun, not caring about the consequences they could face from Poseidon. Soon after, their ship wrecks and everyone dies except for Odysseus. Now Odysseus is stuck on Calypso's Island and she won't let him ago until he agrees to marry her.

Life Back Home

Back home in Ithaca, Odysseus's son Telemachus and his wife Penelope are beginning to worry because he hasn't returned home yet. Another problem is that the suitors are beginning to take over the land and the resources and they want to marry Penelope. They won't leave until she agrees to marry one of them.

Meanwhile, Athena, Father of Zeus and Goddess of counsel and wisdom, comes to Telemachus's side to help him through the tough situation and give him advice. Athena pleads with Zeus to help Odysseus come home. Zeus says, "Bear in mind, however, that Poseidon is still furious with Odysseus for having blinded an eye of Polyphemus king of the Cyclopes." (Homer pg. 6)

The Assembly

Athena orders Telemachus to call an assembly of all the people of Ithaca, specifically the suitors. At the assembly, Telemachus tells them to leave and he is tired of them running the place. The aggressive suitor Anti then stands up to plead his case. Anti says, "Telemachus, insolent braggart that you are, how dare you try to throw the blame upon us suitors? It is your mother's fault not ours, for she is a very artful woman." (Homer pg. 12)

The Loom

Penelope needed something to keep the suitors from bothering her so she thought of an idea that dealt with needlework. Everyday she would work on this loom, sewing the threads together in clear sight of the suitors. At night she would then unpick all of the stitches and work on the same ones again the next day. This had fooled them for three years until a maid that worked for Penelope ratted her out.

The Voyage

Athena tells Telemachus that they should go visit Menelaus, who is Helen's husband, and see if they can find any information about Odysseus. Athena rounds up all of the crew and supplies that will go on the ship for Telemachus. She also tells Telemachus that when they get back, he should kill all the suitors no matter if his father is dead or alive.
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“Telemachus,” said she, “the men are on board and at their oars, waiting for you to give your orders, so make haste and let us be off.” (Homer pg. 15)