Emperor Penguins


The mojority of the adult Emperor Penguins coat is a glossy black. The stomach and face is white and the jawline is yellow and orange. Emperor Penguins have long slim beaks and petite eyes.The chicks have mainly grey and white feathers with a black head and white face. The feet and lower back is also black. The waterproof coat only developes when the chick matures.


The Emperor Penguins diet mainly consists of krill, fish and squid. Emperor Penguins will dive down to approximately 1700ft to feed and can hold their breath for about 20 minutes.They search underneath the Antarctic ice and down to the depths of the ocean. Sometimes Emperor penguins will eat snow or ice to quench their thirst. The Emperor Penguins main predator is the leopard seal.


Mating season begins in April which is when all the Emperor Penguins begin the long march to the place where they were born, to breed. Once the penguins reach their destination they begin to find a mate, unfortunately during the march penguins that are left behind or stray from the path rarely make it back and usually become dinner for a leopard seal or freeze to death. Finding a mate can sometimes be difficult for the Emperor Penguins as there are fewer males than females. In early June the egg appears. Once the egg has appeared the female will pass the egg to the male very slowly and carefully. During this process many couples split because the egg will have cracked and be claimed by the ice. Then the female will begin another.on march to find food, if the female does not find any food she will slowly die. Then all the fathers will care for the eggs in a big circle shaped mass to keep warm, they will stay on this circle for 2 months. The child id usually born during this time in which case the father produces a milky substance to feed to the chick. After 2 months the mothers return, to find their partners they rely on sound. Then the father passes the new born child back to the mother(like with the egg). If the mothers chick has died or is lost the mother will try to steal a different chick. Once the chick is born the mother regurgitates the food into the child's mouth. Then the father goes to eat. Once the father returns the family splits and the parents walk back to their homes. However the chicks stay there, if there is a storm when the chicks are alone some don't survive. Then the chicks make e the long march where they will return in a few years.


Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica in -28 c. They are the only permanant inhabitants of Antarctica and have 14 million km2 to explore. Antarctica is a desert with only 50mm of annual precipitation.