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Parenting is tough. We've got your back!

The Middletown Prevention Coalition understands how difficult parenting can be these days especially in the areas of mental health, alcohol, and other drugs. It's not easy raising healthy teens and we want to help. Thank you to our Middletown focus group parents for the valuable feedback that led to the creation of this monthly newsletter. We hope you find it a helpful resource to help guide you on this journey.

Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Teens from Snapchat Drug Deals

If you are raising a teen you probably know that Snapchat is a MAJOR means of communication between them and their friends and peers. But did you know that drug dealers are using Snapchat to find new customers and are targeting youth? Snapchat is one of the more popular apps for buying and selling drugs because the messages automatically disappear, it shows a GPS, easy access to youth and it provides them with anonymity. Scary stuff!

Here are a few safeguards you can share with youth on how to Snapchat safely:

1. Go Ghost Mode! Snapchat has a feature that shares your location called Snap Map. Snap Map uses bitmoji's so you can't really tell who they are. Tell teens to go into settings and turn the Snapmap to ghost mode.

2. Report Suspicious and Illegal Activity. To report, press and hold on a Snap or Story and select the flag or report icon. Reports are confidential so the person does not know they have been reported. Make sure your teens know how to report if needed.

3. Know the Lingo and What Drug Deals Look Like. Teens use pictures and acronyms to communicate and Snapchat uses symbols as status indicators. Being familiar with these symbols and their meanings can help you identify who your kids are communicating with and what they are saying. Check out this quick guide to know what to look for.

4. Keep it Between Friends - Talk with your kids about only using Snapchat with close friends who they know in real life. Remind your teens it's not safe to friend people you don't know and it is definitely not safe to meet up with a person they meet online.


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