who I am

Ximena Gutierrez

This is who i am :)

I'm not an interesting person but here is a little bit about myself . :)

My hobbies are to listen to music and play sports like soccer, softball, and baseball and playing the violin.

I'm Mexican but I was born in Joliet.

I do have accomplishments that I am proud of for instance im proud of my 1st place softball award I just got over the summer, im also proud o0f honors awards I have got in the past years , science fair awards being some of the top in my school the getting a gold in the past years from the district .

My favorite type of music is all type of music unless im unable to understand what they are saying.

My favorite food is Mexican food or Chinese food just because they are scrumptious

MY favorite class is so far Ms. Steffa's class because she's really funny and makes things less stressful.

My favorite movie is probably The Judge.

My favorite color as you might have noticed its pink!!!

My favorite sports are baseball, soccer, softball and my favorite teams are the white sox, the U.S soccer team, the boys Mexican soccer team .

My most memorable event that just happen was winning softball championship

places I have lived are just where I currently live and in Mexico for about a year.

something interesting about me might be is that I like to laugh at it and if I randomly start laughing in class is because I thought of something for example if you happen to be holding a yard stick I imagine you swinging it someone trying not to get hit or if you or someone made a funny face but I promise ill try not to laugh but if I do you know why.