Coding 3

MP4 Week 4

What's in an Algorithm?

Programmers write directions for computers, so programmers need to be able to understand and follow directions! Let's practice following and creating step-by-step directions! Remember, program or be programmed!

This week in chat: Animation

  • We'll be reviewing the "looks" block in chat this week to help with your Planet Project. We'll focus on animation, changing backgrounds, and changing costumes to create animation.
  • You will be able to resubmit your Planet Project if you would like to receive more points.
  • In the meantime, please check the forum for my feedback on your project and comments. Remember, meaningful comments only please!
  • There is nothing to submit in moodle this week!

To help you get started: Changing Costumes

  • Click the link below & remix it to your stuff
  • The project contains one sprite that has 3 costumes (remember you can look under the costumes tab)
  • The script is incomplete, so the animation does not run
  • Please complete the program by adding the necessary "wait" blocks to create a realistic traffic light animation
  • Try adding background, changing backgrounds, and text!

To Switch Backgrounds

Big image

To add Text: Use the Paint editor tool!

It is the big blue "T" tool!

Big image
Big image

See you in cyberspace!