steps to become president

four(4) easy steps to enter the white house


you must be 35 years old.

you must be a resident for 14 years

You must be born a US citizen.

primaries vs. caucuses

A primary is a silent vote ballot. A caucus is a debate and there is a discussion and you could vote with a presence.

national convention

A party officially selects a nominee. Here they outline the parties platform. At each convention the presidential candidate a running candidate (vice president candidate). Each party holds a national convention to select a presidential nominee.

general election

Here people across every state gets to vote for one president and one vice president. While people are casting their vote they are voting on a group called electors. The public votes at this stage. get to choose between two parties. This year it is on November 8, 2016.

electoral election

In this stage each state gets a curtain number of elections. Each elector then casts only one voter following the general election. And the candidate who gets more than half (270) votes wins and becomes president.