About Me

By:Cheyenne Ottinger

Describe yourself in 3 word and explain why you chose them




1. I chose caring because I am very caring about my friends. I am there for them when they need me or if they just want me there

2. I chose protective because when it comes to my family and friends I can be very protective over them. I someone hurts them physically or emotionally I won't take it, I will defend them

3. I chose weird because once you get to know me you will think that I belong in a mental institute

Dan + Shay - Nothin' Like You (Official Audio)
Jason Aldean - She's Country

Inspirational Quote


Hold On Pain Ends

I chose this because it helped me through a ruff time


Every accomplish starts with the decision to TRY


Favorite Actor: Channing Tatum

Favorite Actress: Dove Cameron

Favorite Song: Kick the dust up By: Luke Bryan

Favorite Band: Dan+Shay

Favorite Athlete: Payton Manny

Favorite Book: Twilight

Favorite Food: Ribs and Pizza

Favorite Teacher: Ms.Wilhelm

Best Friend: Cristal Tola

Favorite Weekend Activity: Being with my boyfriend

Favorite T.V Show: The Vampire Diaries (TVD) And Ghost Whisperer

Favorite Car: Chevy Truck

Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming

Favorite Movie: The Duff

Biggest news in 2000

The biggest news event I found for the year 2000 is Elián and the Cold War. Elián González, a young Cuban boy found clinging to an inner tube off the Florida coast in Nov. 1999, became the subject of an international dispute between the U.S Cuban community demanded the six - year - old refugee remain in Miami rather than be returned to his father in Cuba, arguing that American democracy would benefit the boy more the life in Castro's Cuba. A dramatic raid by armed federal agents on April 22 ended the standoff and the boy was reunited with his father. The influential Cuban-American community lost a good deal of public sympathy by putting political ideology against familial bonds. For Castro it was a publicity bonanza, emphasizing the intransigence of the official U.S. Policy toward Cuba, which has imposed a 38-year-old trade embargo and other Cold War-era sanctions.
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Graduation letter to me


Guess who it is. It's 9th grade you. Congrats you made it to your last year of high school and survived. Be happy, you have waited for the day for a very long time. Now you can get a job, go to college and start a family with the one you love. I wish you the best of luck when you are out in the real world. It's going to be ruff out there so be prepared. You will go through ups and downs. Always remember the good times you have had and all the happy memories and that will help you through all the ruff times.


Cheyenne Ottinger

Favorite songs


  • Graduate High School
  • Go to college and get my medical degree
  • Start a career in the medical field
  • Start a family
  • Get more education in the medical field

My Name

The name Cheyenne comes from the Dakota Sioux tribe. I was given this name because my dad liked it. No, was not named after anyone, only my middle name was. The meaning of my name is An Algonquian tribe of the great plains, Capital city of Wyoming. Yes, I go by my nickname which is Chey. No they did not besides Chey

Favorite Things

  • Skinny Jeans
  • ROTC Shirt
  • Writing Binder

Skinny Jeans are important to me because they are my favorite pair of pants and fit me better
My ROTC Shirt is important because it represents who I am and represents my team/family of the Navy JROTC
My Writing binder is important to me because it is where I keep all of my personal writings, drawings and stories at.