Martellaro & Grobe

4th Grade Math & Science

MAP Testing

We will begin Winter MAP testing this week. Both mine and Mrs. Grobe's classes will be taking the Reading MAP on Wednesday. Please make sure that your student stets plenty of sleep and a good breakfast that day!

We will test in math next week!! I will let you know what day as soon as I hear.

This Week's Homework

Every students was given their fact focus today. They will need to study all week, I recommend 10-15 minutes a night, to be prepared for their fact quiz on Friday.

Students will need to show me that they have thought about how they might solve CML problem # 75. I understand that they are challenging and they might not always get to the answer easily and even if they do get the answer it is not always correct. I want this to be a critical thinking activity they they can sure thinking strategies with their peers.

I have also assigned a logic table this week to also exercise their critical thinking skills.

These are due by Friday and I will go over them in class.

Math Happennings

Last week we began our study of decimals using pictorial models.

This week we continue our study and also begin to learn about how to add and subtract decimals using pictorial models

Science Happenings

Last week in science we experimented with force using catapults. We identified force as a push or a pull.

This week we will continue to study force while we explore with magnetism!