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State Road Elementary School

Monday, April 20, 2015

Events This Week!

M-STEP Testing Tuesday - Thursday this week!

Please help remind your students that they need to be respectful and quiet in the hallways at all times. Testing will take place in the classrooms and the computer lab. The computer lab schedule has been revised to show the M-STEP testing schedule.

School Improvement Team Meeting

Our next School Improvement Team Meeting is this Thursday, April 23 beginning at 7:30am in the Media Center. Action Teams will meet at 8:00am for anyone that would like to attend!

Ed Foundation Poker Tournament

The Fenton Education Foundation Poker Tournament is this Thursday night, April 23 at the Fenton Hotel! If you (or know of anyone you know) are interested in playing, please let me know. I have a few tickets!

Extra Recess!

The Extra Recess for Tiger Ticket Winners is this Friday, April 24 at 10:30am! This is for those students who selected and turned in an Extra Recess Certificate (see list of names in your Outlook Calendar). IF a student is hanging on to their certificate, they just need to bring it out to me on the playground.


I will be out of the building:

on Monday afternoon for Ad Council

Grade Fixes for the Year!

As a reminder, our “Grade Fixes” that we agreed to pilot for this school year are:

▫ Fix 1: Don’t include student behaviors in grades; include only achievement

▫ Fix 5: Don’t consider attendance in grade determination; report absences separately

▫ Fix 6: Don’t include group scores in grades; use only individual achievement evidence

"Grading" SI Action Team Requests:

  • As a staff, we are going to focus on one fix per month
  • For this month, please read Fix #6: Don’t include group scores in grades; use only individual achievement evidence. Please read pp. 52-56 and provide your feedback to either Gabe or Callie. It is actually very easy reading and we do value your comments as we used them to lead our discussion.

    We will compile and share this feedback at our January team meeting and with the rest of the staff.

Observation / Evaluation Process Update

Round 3 of Observations have started! Our 'Noticings’ and ‘Wonderings’ sections will focus on the Dimension of (A) Assessment for Student Learning.

    • Observations - We will again conduct a minimum of 3 observations for the year (district continuity).
    • Observations Time - These will be 15-30 min of lesson scripting and another 15 minutes of coding.
    • I should be able to access or view your daily lesson plans with assigned standards.
    • A difference from last year is that all observations will be unannounced (law compliance and district continuity).
    • We will have a Dimension focus during observations (up to two dimensions). The dimension focus areas will be the areas that Noticing’s, Wonderings, and Analysis will be derived.

Culture of Learning

I definitely have some of these that I need to continue to work on as I strive to continually improve...
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Quote of the week...

I thought this quote was appropriate as we begin m-step testing... :-)
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What's Happening Next Week?

  • Our next Leo's Coney Island Family Night is Thursday, April 30 from 5-8pm. Our Hosts will be First Grade!
  • The last day to submit PTO receipts for reimbursement is Friday, May 1.


  • Staff Appreciation Week is May 4-8!!!
  • The Annual District Art Show is Thursday, May 7 from 6-8pm at AGS Middle School!

Kid's Hope USA

Staff, I have been working with a local church to bring "Kid's Hope USA" to State Road! This is an adult mentorship program where trained adults would work with select students one hour per week in a supportive, caring role. This program will take some time to get the Kid's Hope Coordinator and mentors trained and certified. It's my 'hope' to have this great program start in the fall!