Civil Rights Exhibit

Create a booth on a person, or group of your choice.

Steps to Follow

Steps To Complete Your Exhibit

1. Research a leader, group/institution from the Civil Rights Movement that made a positive difference in the world. (Example: Rosa Parks made a positive difference for people’s civil rights.)

2. Evaluate one of the websites you used.

3. Decide upon an argument that you could defend that goes with the topic you are researching.

4. Write a summary argument paragraph on your topic. Click here to see an example.

5. Create a Cause/Effect Diamante Poem on your person, group, or institution. Click here to see an example.

6. Complete the Word Interview on a word you found while doing research that you want to study more or know more on.

7. Create a multimedia presentation on your person, group or institution that you will present with good public speaking skills during the exhibit.