January 2016 News

Sixth Grade - Leola Elementary School

Welcome back!!

Hope you had a chance to relax during your holiday break! It’s hard to believe we are almost half- way through the 6th grade year!

Please encourage your student to check his/her assignment book every night and to write in due dates. It is very important for each student to complete and turn in homework on time. We are confident the students are ready to put their learning into high-gear as we tackle the upcoming curriculum and prepare for springtime-standardized assessment (see the school calendar for the PSSA testing window.)

Just a few reminders:

- Please be sure your child wears a coat to school. We typically go out to recess unless it is below 30 degrees.

- Please be sure that your child is fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

- Please send in a note when your child returns from being absent. This is very helpful for Mrs. Hurst to have it as soon as possible.

- Be sure to register for a parent portal account. If you do not have an account or experience problems logging in, contact Annette_Stewart@conestogavalley.org for assistance.

Would you be willing to donate? Our classrooms use many supplies. Feel free to send in any time.

- soft tissues

- hand sanitizer

- clorox wipes

- individually wrapped Lifesavers (flavored or mint)

Leola Holiday Concert

Website of the Month - www.ixl.com

This month's website comes from Mrs. Schnader. Open up the website, click on 6th grade, and then click math skills. Practice makes better!!

WOW!!! Look at these 6th Grade Leaders

On Friday, December 18, ten 6th grade finalists participated in the Leola 6th Grade National Geographic Bee. The winner has the opportunity to take a written qualifying test to be submitted to National Geographic. The top 100 scoring students in the state will advance to the state-level competition and perhaps a national competition.

Congratulations to our finalist, Christopher Marston!

Our 2 runner-ups were Gabby Rappy and Lexie Kauffman.

Next Parent Meeting - January 13th

Many thanks for your help with the Yankee Candle orders, Parents Night Out, and the Holiday Shop. Our parent group has many amazing ideas and could use some help putting everything into action (or you can bring some new ideas to the next meeting). A light snack and childcare is provided (please RSVP for childcare).

Come out to our next Parent meeting on January 14th! Enter through the back doors.


Before the Holiday break, we finished a story entitled "Hachiko" and we were able to watch the Americanized movie version of the book entitled "Hachi." We studied authors purpose and fact/opinion. We will start a new unit at the beginning of 2016 which will also take our readers to China, Outer Space and Ancient Egypt. We will continue to learn about reading strategies such as Main Idea, Context Clues and Graphic Sources.

We continue to work on Text-Dependent-Responses (using the RACER format). With the use of google classroom/google docs, students are able to type the essay and their teacher can grade it online. Ask your student to show you their recent online essay. The grades will be posted on Parent Portal soon as well as the rubric in the goal binder on Friday.

Please remind your student to write in his/her home reading log. Yes, each student is required to read aloud 5 times every month. This is a great strategy to help your child SLOOOOW down while reading to help with comprehension. Be on the look-out, January's log is blue. Reading the 400 minutes each month will help your child reach the 40 Book Challenge!

As a reminder, reading journals are due every Tuesday. We enjoy reading up on what students have been reading at home!

Miss Blanshine, Mrs. Shetter and Mrs. Weaver

Math with Mrs. Schnader

This month we are focusing on algebra. We will start with algebraic expressions where we will write simple expressions and combine like terms. Then building from there, we will solve one-step equations. After that, we will learn how to graph coordinates in the four different quadrants. A few great resources are khan academy, ixl.com, and study island. I'm available to help students before school. Please email if your child needs additional support in the morning.

Mrs. Schnader's email: jill_schnader@conestogavalley.org

Science with Miss Blanshine

The students have all been so excited as we have begun our study of matter. Look below to see the students in action practicing how to measure mass. Also below are just a few pictures of our students with their models of atoms- they did fantastic and creative work! We are continuing our study of matter with elements. Students are now working in teams of 3-4, with each team researching an element that they will then present to the class through a Google presentation. This project not only has the students reinforcing what they have learned about elements, but provides an opportunity to research further and present what they have learned in a high-tech way. Later this month we will move on to compounds and chemical reactions!

Miss Blanshine's E-mail: alison_blanshine@conestogavalley.org

Writing with Mrs. Shetter

Mrs. Breneman will be co-teaching in early January as we explore Career Awareness and Preparation. It is not too early to help students begin thinking about their future and the variety of career choices available to them. These lessons will allow students to explore their specific strengths and consider how the skills and habits they are learning now will connect to their future opportunities.

Mrs. Shetter's E-mail: dori_shetter@conestogavalley.org

Upcoming Dates

January 14 - Parent Pep Rally 5:30p

January 15 - No School - Snow Make up Day

January 18 - No School

January 19 - 6th Grade Ag Day

January 20 - Spelling Bee

January 19 - Leola Parent TAG Team Mtg

January 27 - Early Dismissal

January 29 - Leola Family Movie Night

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