Dev can now have access to better education!

Dev, a young boy who lives in Chapgaiyan, Birgunj now has access to light during the day! Dev and his mother the residence of Chapgaiya ward in Birgunj, Nepal, and one of the recipients of Ujyalo "solar-bottle-bulb" lighting system have been living in a house that was poorly lit even during the day.

Despite of having access to electricity, Dev's family could not afford to light up their house both during the day and night time. And spending a lot of money on electricity was demanding the family to make compromises with their other needs. One of the compromises was Dev's education.

But after installing the "Solar-bottle-bulb" Dev's family do not have to compromise with his education anymore. Dev's mother when learnt about Ujyalo decided to install ‘Solar-Bottle-Bulb’ a day lighting system at their house. Now Dev's family saves up to Rs. 400 per month on their electricity bill and this money can be used towards his education and better future. A wasted plastic bottle that hangs as a lighting system at Dev's house has impacted his future forever!