Brittany Huff

So much love, passion, and fire in such a small person

The part where I talk about myself

My name is Brittany Huff and I am from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, called Harmony. Where I live with my mother and father, and baby sister. I do have one pet, a cat who is my baby. Even though we have had her my whole life. My mother was the first one who got me interested in music, she would sing to me every night as a baby. Fun fact she was an Vocal Major her freshman and Sophomore year of college. She was very excited when I had told her I was going into music. I do believe I am a very friendly person, I love people, and I do love talking. Currently, I am a new college student at a Conservatory of Music. I am happy to say that i am indeed attending my dream school of Baldwin-Wallace University. Where I study Music Education and Clarinet Performance. The Clarinet is my true passion in life and I love it. I am not afraid to admit that. Along with playing the Bb Clarinet, I am a very well-rounded Bass Clarinet player, I play the trombone, piano, and also can play the ukelele. Music is my life source and my world does revolve around it. Somehow in my busy life I find other things to do that I enjoy. Another thing besides music that I enjoy is Running, Swimming, hiking, playing with my baby sister, and also being with my two best friends. I am a true Steelers fan! Football is my favorite and only sport that I watch. I am also very good at playing the sport. In high school I did participate in marching band, where I was a section leader, I was head of the costume crew in our school's musical, and was also a mentor of key club, Tri-M, and the varsity track team. I am also now in college a member of the school's marching band and love it just as much as I did in high school. I also played Bass Clarinet and sung in choir. I love helping others and watching others grow. In my senior year of high school I offered and gave lessons to my bass clarinet freshman, and it was amazing to see how much they grew from the beginning of the year to the end. I am very excited to one day become an educator. One of my big dreams/goals in life is to one day to play in a major orchestra or symphony. Another goal I have is to one day become a college professor. One day I do want to change the world and impact it all in some way.

Favorite Things!

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Everything

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

Favorite Song: Don't Cry for me Argentina

Favorite Band(s): Paradise Fears, Go Radio, and Fun

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Thing to do: Play the Clarinet

Favorite Sport: Football and Volleyball

Fun Fact: I will every food,but tomato soup

Favorite place: Hershey,Pa

Favorite Disney Princess: Tiana and Belle

Favorite Musical: West Side Story

Fun Fact: My room back home is wall to wall covered in sharpie marker

Brittany Huff

Be Beautiful inside and out