Children’s Lit. Reading Project

An author study of Pat Mora

The Desert is My Mother by Pat Mora

This book is written in the form of a narrative poem by the girl pictured on the cover. It is in both English and Spanish. It the story of the relationship between the girl and the desert. The desert provides all that the girl needs or wants. This book has amazing pictures and has a dream like quality to it.

2nd grade Use: I would use this book to in my class to talk about poetry. To ask my class of 2nd graders why do you think this girl talk about the desert like this? And to even write a similar poem of our own.

The Rainbow Tulip by Pat Mora

This book is the story of a girl named Stella who is a Mexican American.She is torn between her two worlds where at home she speaks Spanish and at school she speaks English. She is finding her self even at a young age and struggles with what people think of her. Where the title come into play, is for the May day parade, Stella is assigned to be a tulip and must have a costume. Stella loves the colors of the rainbow and wants her costume to be all the colors. Her loving quiet mother helps her to achieve this dream and gives her confidence. This is a beautiful story of a girl trying to live in two worlds and the struggles she faces. I loved it!

k-2 Use: I would use this book as a classroom management tool to talk about the different worlds we all live in and how we can support each other as a class.

Pat Mora

"A former teacher, university administrator, museum director, and consultant, Pat is a popular national speaker at conferences, campuses, libraries and schools. She has three adult children and a sweet granddaughter. Pat is married to anthropology professor Vern Scarborough and lives in Santa Fe, NM." - found at
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This page is for teachers who are trying to find multicultural books for their k-2 classroom. I hope it helps!