Thanksgiving Meal

Let's make a difference in a families life!

Our day of giving back is right around the corner!

We picked a family to receive a full Thanksgiving meal and my heart is full and ready to give back! Below is all the stuff we need to donate! As a group AWT buys the Turkey unless someone has one they want to donate already! Thanks for helping me help a family in need! Leave a comment below with what you are bringing and I will put your name by item! Also will bring this to meeting Oct.21 Thank YOU

Thanksgiving Meal Drop off site!

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 6:30pm

2015 1st Avenue

Anoka, MN

I will collect all items before our general meeting!

Items we will need... Sign Up

We buy Turkey...

Stuffing (2)

Potatoes 5 lb Bag (1)

Jars of Gravy (2)

Sweet Potatoes Can (1)

Bag/can of Cranberries (2)

Rolls (2)

Pickle jar(1)

Pies (2)

whip cream

Olives/green or black can or jar (1)

Table cloth (1)

Apple Cider Container(1)

Decorative paper plates

Anyone who wants to donate just cash so I can pick up the left over item