by hashone olverson and Angel

Hydropower is using water to make machinery or electricity. It’s constantly a recharging system.

  • Hydropower is renewable
  • history of hydropower
hydropower was one of the oldest types of electricity it was used to grind grain by using water to turn a paddle wheel hydro power plants had to be on bodies of water so it wasn't used until the technology to move electricity over long distances was created

Reasons to Use Hydropower

  • it improves the air we breathe hydro plants does not release pollutants in the air like fossil fuels reducing acid rain and smog and hydroelectric developments don't generate toxic by products

  • hydro electricity is cheap clean energy . they can be easily upgraded and have very low operating and maintenance cost

  • hydroelectricity helps fight climate changes . hydro electricity produces very little greenhouse gases emitting less than a gas power plant

Environmental Impact

  • hydropower turbines cause changes in the environment and plant life
  • fish that swim threw the turbines are die

Major Uses

  • hydropower is used to power machinery
  • ancient greeks used water wheels to grind wheat into flower
  • used to create power without polluting the air or no toxic byproducts