The 13th state

Rhode Island (symbols)

The state:

Bird is the Red Hen

State flower is a Violet

State tree is a Red Maple

State Flag

The colors and the design on the state flag were made back in 1647 when Providence Plantations and Rhode Island were first established. The anchor is the oldest part of the flag, and it was also made back when Providence Plantations was established. In the flag, the motto "hope" is written in gold letters.


Rhode Island became the 13th state of the United States on May 29, 1790

The first governor of the state was James Fenner


The current governor of Rhode Island is Gina Raimondo.


The capital of Rhode Island is Providence

Population and Economy

Places to visit?


Providence was made in 1636 by Roger Williams. He fled from Massachusetts because of religious reasons and settled in Rhode Island, naming his new home Providence. It is located in Rhode Island, and is the state capital. There are many things to do in Providence, such as go to the performing arts center, going to Roger Williams Park Zoo, go on boat tours, and more!