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CTE Students Learn About the Medical Industry

HMS Social Studies Students Study and Teach

Students in Mr. Dolan’s 6th grade social studies class at HMS taught each other about aspects of the Persian Gulf War. Each group studied their assigned topic and captured important information. They then had to match up with students who studied a different topic and teach each other. It is powerful when students are doing the thinking and teaching!

Differentiated Learning in Biology

Elizabeth Roger's biology students recently learned about classification and taxonomy while participating in differentiated learning stations! Students were exposed to the content in a variety of ways including stations with videos, card sorts, concept mapping, and the use of technology. Mrs. Rogers met the needs of her students using data to intentionally group students and then she determined which leveled stations the students would benefit from the most. Great job, Mrs. Rogers!

Modeling, Mystery and Math at Willow Bend and Upland Heights

Allyson Bond’s fifth grade students at Willow Bend worked on STAAR-like problems. In videos that they uploaded to Seesaw, students first modeled and explained the “right way” to attack the problems. Then they identified common misconceptions and provided advice on how to avoid these traps.

4th graders at Upland Heights solved mysteries within crime scene settings. Each crime “victim” was a polygon who suffered losses related to area and perimeter. Through careful case notes and sketches, students applied their mathematical problem-solving skills to crack the case.

Parents of ESL Student Collaborate for Even Better Learning

Second grade dual language teacher and parents working and collaborating together on how to better support student learning at home.

First Grade Writers at Work

Bennett Elementary first graders have been hard at work on their writing projects! They write independently during their Writer’s Workshop time as their teacher, Ms. Jenny Wilson, conferences with students one-on-one on how to revise and edit their pieces. Way to go, Bennett Writers!