Science period 3 By Courtnie and Carly


One of the stories of the constellation Cygnus says the swan is Orpheus, who was murdered by the Thracian woman while under the influence of Bacchus. Upon his death, the celebrated musician was placed in the heavens to spend eternity by his harp, Lyra. Yet another variant says the swan represents the form taken by Jupiter when he deceived Leda and father Pallix.

Location in the night sky

Cygnus can be found in the night sky during summer and autumn.


Alpha and Cygni, called Deneb is the brightest star in Cynus. Deneb is part is part of the summer triangle with Vega and Altair.


Cygnus is a northern constellation line on the plane of the milky way. It's name is the latinized greek word for swan. It is one of the most recognized constellation of the northern summer and autumn, it features one of the common asterism known as the northern cross. Cygnus lives apart of the 48 constellations listed by the astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations.