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Distant Reiki Sessions

Are Distant Reiki Sessions As Powerful As In-Person Sessions?

Reiki is energy work, so it is important to remember that energy is not limited by a certain proximity. In Reiki level II, students are taught to send the frequencies of Reiki over time and space. This gives the Reiki practitioner a much broader scope in which to facilitate and support others' healing paths.

To say that in-person sessions are more powerful than distant sessions, though, is to question the energy itself. In-person sessions allow the recipient to directly interact with a Reiki practitioner, but the energy is the same whether the practitioner is in the same room or on the other side of the world. In both cases, it is the recipient's willingness and ability to interact with the channeled frequencies as well as the being's ability to remember how to heal itself that creates healing.

Some of the most profound healing experiences my clients have had have been as a result of Distant Reiki sessions. Since Reiki connects with the individual life-force energies, it is up to the recipient to create his or her own healing experience, whether a Reiki or energy practitioner is present or not.

Keys to A Successful Distant Reiki Session

Reiki recipients can do a lot to create an atmosphere that encourages the body/mind/spirit to recognize, accept and work with the healing frequencies of Distant Reiki. Herea re a few suggestions:

1) Prepare. The most important thing to remember if you are having a Distant Reiki or other energy session, is to set aside time in the same way as if the session was in person. Find a quiet place, without distraction. Turn off your cell phone. You are unavailable for the duration of the session.

2) Focus. Treat the Distant Reiki session as seriously as you would an in-person session. One way to do this is to focus your awareness on the energies being channeled to you and to consciously work with those energies for the duration of the session.

3) Relax. As you allow your focus to be aware of the energies being channeled to you, allow yourself to feel nurtured, cared for and supported. Allow and accept the nurturance of the Universe and relax into the knowledge that you are participating in a process to bring you into and help you stay in, perfect balance.

4) Trust. As in an in-person Reiki session, trust the process. Know that you don't have to tell or direct the energies to do anything or go anywhere. Trust your body/mind/spirit to absorb the energies needed for your highest and greatest good.


Upcoming Classes & Events

Rising Spirals Reiki hosts two Reiki share groups:

The first Wednesday of each month from 7 - 9 PM

The 3rd Saturday of each month from 6 - 8 PM

Upcoming Meetups:

Saturday, August 16, 6 - 8 PM

Wednesday, September 3, 7 - 9 PM

Saturday, September 20, 6 - 8 PM

Wednesday, October 1m 7 - 9 PM

Free Reiki I Class

The Free Reiki I class offered by Rising Spirals Reiki is a complete, in-depth class. I consider it a gift to the world in general to teach this level for free in the hope that more people will reconnect to their energetic core. Reiki I students learn:

Reiki history

What is Reiki/What can Reiki be used for?

The first Reiki symbol

Reiki hand positions

The Reiki Harmonic


Reiki I attunement

Hands-on Reiki Practice

Required manual: Reiki: The Healing Touch by William Lee Rand -- $20

The $20 fee for the manual is the only cost for this class.

September Free Reiki I Class: Saturday, September 13, 9AM - 3 PM

Reiki II Class:

Reiki II builds on the knowledge and skills of Reiki I. In Reiki II, students learn:

The Mental/Emotional and Distance Reiki Symbols

How to share Distant Reiki

Advanced Hand Positions

The Reiki Lullaby

Reiki II Attunement

Hands-on Reiki Practice

And more!

Cost: $100 ( a $250 value)

Reiki II is close in frequency to Reiki I, so these classes are taught on consecutive days or in a short timeframe.

September Reiki II Class: September 14, 9 AM - 3 PM.

Reiki Master Classes

The Reiki Master level is a much higher frequency than Reiki I and II, so at least 6 months needs to pass between Reiki II and the Master level. Though the Master level teaches students to teach others, it also continues to raise the student's vibration so is an important step on the path to mastering the self and working with energy, whether the student intends to teach or not.

Reiki Master training is a 2 day class.

Reiki Master students learn:

How to create a Crystal Reiki grid

The Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master Symbols

Other Tibetan Symbols

Aura clearing

Healing attunement

Reiki I, II and Master attunements

Reiki Master attunements

And more!

Cost: $300 (an $875 value)

Karuna Reiki® Classes

Karuna Reiki continues raising your vibration and adds 8 Karuna Reiki symbols plus Ohm. Karuna Reiki also teaches how to tone the Karuna and other Reiki symbols, adding the dimension of visceral sound to your Reiki sessions.

Karuna Reiki is a much higher frequency than Reiki master, so at least 6 months must pass between Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki training. This time is also for the student to be practicing working with Reiki energies.

Karuna Reiki is a 3 day class.

September Karuna Reiki Class: Saturday, September 27 - Monday, September 29, 9 AM - 4 PM each day.

Special Events

Annual Halloween Party

Our annual Halloween party will be Saturday, November 1, from 4 PM - ?? this year. Come in costume and bring a spooky-themed snack or drink.

I will be offering free Rune readings and/or wacky crystal ball readings for fun and information.