Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Quick and easy way to access programs, files, web links, textbooks, etc.
  • Users, including staff and students, can sign in using district credentials or sign in with Google.
  • Links to external apps and websites
  • Links to files
  • Users can request apps to be added
  • Can be personalized and organized to fit the user's desires
  • Login with Quickcards to eliminate typing credentials
  • Includes a search feature

This resource has proven to be one of the most valuable resources in and out of the classroom.

Did you know?

You can get to SDPC Classlink from anywhere by typing the following:

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Login Methods for All Users

  1. Sign in using your username only (do not include and password
  2. Sign in with Google. (This is especially useful for students who are using the same Chromebook device daily as they are already logged in to Google.) Video Instruction Link
  3. Sign in with Quick Cards-

Students struggling to sign in?

Sign in with Quick Cards- These are individualized QR Code cards containing login information that students wave in front of the camera of their device. Students click the link under "Sign in with Google" on the main Sign-in page. Contact Betsy Masters to have these set up for your school.

Special Use Suggestion for Quick Cards: Primary Grades and Special Education Classes

Classlink not your default home page in Chrome?

If you are having this issue, follow these steps:

  • Look in the top right corner of your page (before the minimize, fullscreen, and close the window icons) to find and click on the "google guy" icon.
  • Sign into Chrome using your Google Account Credentials
  • Click Link Data
  • Select Ok Got It

When you log back into Chrome, Classlink should be your homepage.


ClassLink allows users to customize their experience in a multitude of ways. Users can select their own backgrounds, add apps or bookmark URL's, and organize by creating folders.