Old faithful

Yellowstone national park

Old faithful

Hello im going to talk about old faithful. Old faithful is a beautiful cone geyser. Old faithful is at yellowstone national park. Old faithful is named after the washburn langford doane expedition. On the expedition they even washed their clothes using old faithful.

Here is some facts about old faithful It erupts every 92 minutes. Thats about 18-21 times a day. Theres over 500 geysers at yellowstone park. dont touch the water because its 244 degrees fahrenheit. Old faithful is 42 feet deep don't jump in.

Here is some past history about yellowstone. The park recently dropped probes in old faithful for further research. Did you know theres little minerals in the water. Old faithful was the first geyser in the park to get a name. Old faithful gets its water from springs.

If you want to hear about some family info just read the rest of this paragraph. If you need a place to stay at yellowstone there a hotel named old faithful inn or just get on trivago they say its the best hotel finder. i recommend families to go to yellowstone its even a nation park national wow.


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