Superintendent's Weekly Update - December 18, 2015

The Otsego Board of Education held their Organizational Meeting for 2016 last night.

Jamie Harter and Elizabeth Gorski were sworn in as newly elected Board Members. Brad Anderson was elected President and Judy Snyder was elected Vice President.

Board of Education Meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Meetings will start at 6pm in the High School Library. Dates are subject to change and if they do change a notification is put in this update and the Sentinel Tribune.

The Board of Education approved the following Treasurer Authorizations for 2016:

· Signature of the Treasurer, or the facsimile thereof, be used for all checks and vouchers.

· Permission to invest inactive funds according to Ohio Revised Code.

· Permission for the Treasurer to pay all bills as they are presented, provided that funds are available, and to report monthly to the Board of Education those bills that were paid.

· Permission for the President and Treasurer to borrow money if needed.

· Permission for the Treasurer to approve workbook prices.

· Permission for the Treasurer to apply on behalf of the school district, to participate in any Federal or State Projects or Programs for which Board approval is required.

· Permission for the Treasurer to attend association, local and state meetings.

The Board of Education approved the following Superintendent Authorizations for 2016:

· Permission to attend association, local and state meetings.

· Permission to serve as the purchasing agent for the school district.

· Permission to the Superintendent to enter into tuition contracts.

· Permission to approve meeting attendance, travel requests, and reimbursements as deemed appropriate.

· Permission to the Superintendent or designee to serve as the sexual harassment grievance and compliance officer.

· Permission to employ such temporary personnel as needed for emergency situations. Such employment is to be presented for approval by the Board at the next regular meeting.

· Declare that the purchase of meals and other refreshments at meetings be authorized as a permissible use of funds, and to authorize the Superintendent and/or the Treasurer to determine appropriateness.

· Permission for the Superintendent and Treasurer as the Records Commission.

· Authorize the Superintendent to consult with legal counsel as deemed necessary.

· Authorize the Superintendent to make assignments to committees of the Superintendent.

The Board of Education established a service fund in the amount of $4,000.

The Board of Education held their regular January Board Meeting.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Otsego Board of Education for their public service to the Otsego Community. I would encourage you to do the same. School board members are citizens whose decisions affect our children — what they learn, who will teach them and what kinds of facilities house their classrooms.

These are men and women elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for our public schools. They represent you, and they take this responsibility seriously by attending lengthy — sometimes challenging — meetings, conferences and institutes. Our school board is one of more than 700 such boards across the state. With the advice and counsel of the educational professionals they hire, our school board has an impact on virtually every aspect of our schools. It’s a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly.

Too often we neglect to recognize the dedication and hard work of these men and women who represent us. The staff and students at Otsego are asking all local citizens to take a moment to tell a school board member “thanks for caring about our children’s education.”

Otsego is a great school district and having consistent leadership from our Board of Education is a great benefit. Judy Snyder, Mark Tolles, and Brad Anderson have been board members for 6 years, Elizabeth Gorski 12 years, and Jamie Harter has been serving our school district for 16 years! Thank you, Otsego Board of Education! Thank you for caring so deeply about this community!

Treasurer’s Financial Reports and Recommendations

A. Approved the December Financial Reports

B. Submission of the Tax Budget

C. Approved the Salary Advancement for the 2015/2016 school year for Jen Clark from Masters to Masters +10

D. Approved the list of donations

Superintendent Recommendations

A. Approved the contract for Rick Haskins, Supervisor of Maintenance and Custodial, effective March 1, 2016.

B. Approved the 2016-2017 High School Program of Studies

C. Approved the following Personnel Changes

Non-Certified Employees: One-Year Limited Contract for 2015-2016:

Brent Carpenter Music Tutor

2015-2016 Supplemental Contracts:

Madge Brown - .5 Assistant Musical Advisor

Amy Fitch - .5 Assistant Musical Advisor

Greg Pierce - Audio/Lighting Specialist

Tracy Wilson - Tech/Musical Choreographer

Charlie Emenhiser - Assistant Track Coach

Ryan Hafner - Assistant Track Coach

Jordan Lee - .5 Assistant Track Coach

Kylee Wongrowski - .5 Assistant Track Coach

New Business

A. We moved the regularly scheduled February Board meeting to Wednesday, February 24th at 6 pm in the HS Library.

B. Discussion on a storage building - We are need of storage space on our campus. We are looking into building a storage building/garage. It will be located near the bus garage. The addition of a building will allow us to get rid a few old and awful looking roll off trailers and semi trailers. It will help clean up the campus and allow us to fully utilize the bus garage for maintaining our buses. We are not sure how big the building will be and when we will begin, but the conversations have started.

Reminder: We have an huge dirt pile out by the softball field/bus garage. We have been trying to get rid of it for several years. If you need dirt please contact us. It is not the best but could be used for fill dirt. Spread the word! :)


Adam Koch


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A small reception will be held in the Otsego High School Auditorium at 6 pm. Presentation of the awards will take place in the gym between the JV and Varsity games.

2015-2016 Induction Class

Howard Bluhm - Otsego Philanthropist and Volunteer

• Co-chair of the privately funded Athletic Complex Initiative in the late '90s which resulted in significant improvements to the athletic facilities

• Received an honorary degree from Otsego in 2001

• Served as a Cub Scout Leader, Assistant Boy Scout Leader & Boy Scout Commissioner

• Assisted in the sanctioning of the soccer team becoming a sport at Otsego High School

• Soccer coach for 10 years

• Volunteered at numerous PTO auctions, suppers and other fundraisers

Tim Downey - Otsego Track/Pole Vault Coach (over 30 years)

• Assistant Coach for the pole vault and hurdles

• Coached 3 of his sons to become State Champions four times

• Volunteer pole vault coach at BGSU in the 1990's

• Instrumental in building an indoor pole vault structure at the high school

• Helped design the all-weather track at Otsego High School

• Co-authored a pamphlet which was widely used to keep pole vault accessible to students in Ohio

• Assisted in making an educational training video titled "Pole Vaulting in Ohio"

• Awarded the OHSAA State Award in 2012 which is given to an individual within the community who exemplifies good sportsmanship, is a positive role model, reflects a high level of ethics and integrity in dealing with students and interscholastic athletics, supports and demonstrates positive values and contributes to the well-being of student athletics

Carter Genson, MD - Otsego Alumni (1990), Wrestling Coach (6years)

• Served on the National Honors Society while in high school

• All-State Wrestler in 1990 and was the captain for the team from 1989-1990

• Otsego wrestling coach 1994-2000

• Graduated with Honors from Emergency Medical Technician School in 1991

• BGSU Most Outstanding Senior, Class of 1996

• Graduated Summa Cum Laude from BGSU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1996

• US Air Force Veteran, served 1990-2004

• Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, graduated from MCO in 2000

• U. of Michigan Hospital Department of Radiology Teaching Fellow of the Year, 2005-2006

• Extensive breast cancer research with scientific journal publication

• Has held numerous medical director positions, currently the Director of Radiology at Wood County Hospital

Charlene Genson - Otsego High School Library Media Specialist and Elementary Music Teacher (31;years)

• Taught music at Haskins and Weston from 1971-1975

• 22-year member of the Otsego Musical Orchestra

• High School Library Media Specialist in 1981-2009

• Instrumental in getting the school-wide Accelerated Reading Program started

• Began the Book & Media Club in 1982

• Started the Reading Incentive Auction at the high school in the early '80s

• Class advisor, cheerleading advisor, oversaw prom and student of the month

• President of the Otsego Educators Association in the '90s for 6 years

• Served on the Haskins Village Council from 1987-2000

• Served as the Mayor of Haskins from fall 2000-2001

• 30-year member of The Ohio Educational Library Media Association, served as Northwest Ohio Regional Director from 1998-2003

Barb Vollmar - Assistant to the Superintendent (27 years)

• Worked along side 5 Superintendents from 1981-2008

• A founding member, along with her husband, of the Otsego Endowment Foundation (OEF)

in 1988, worked with 19 dedicated trustees over 27 years, became a trustee and treasurer in 1995

• Grants awarded by the OEF to date are over $255,000 and 62 Education Awards of $500 each

totaling $31,000 (first grants were issued in January of 1990)

• Instrumental in the OEF fundraising, along with her husband, since its inception

• Supporter of Otsego athletics, choir and musical productions

Special Thanks:

Individuals who nominated tonight's recipients Family and Friends of the inductees

Otsego Alumni & Friends Association for their financial contribution

Otsego Hall of Fame Committee Members

Jen Asmus, Lauri Dunham, Heidi Feehan, Mary Gase, Elizabeth Gorski, Hayle Grimmer, Joyce Harnishfeger and Mike Wiley

Superintendent, Adam Koch

Otsego Board of Education:

President: Brad Anderson Vice President: Judith Snyder

Elizabeth Gorski, Jamie Harter, and Mark Tolles

Informational Sessions for Parents throughout Wood County


The Otsego Education Foundation (OEF) is currently seeking self-nominations to serve on its recently expanded board of trustees. Trustees help in the operational activities of the foundation, including its annual reverse raffle fundraiser, and review of grant proposals.

We are particularly seeking someone who would be willing to chair the Reverse Raffle Committee. If you know of someone you think would be interested or are interested yourself, please contact us. The board will review nominations of all submitted parties at its January Meeting.

The purpose of the Foundation is to generate and distribute financial support for Otsego Local Schools for enrichment programs or projects which enhance the quality of education and/or educational opportunities. The OEF always welcomes involvement by any interested community members, in addition to Trustees. We meet in the Jr. High Conference room at 6:30 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 8 times a year . Meetings are open to the public.

If you would like to be considered for a trustee position, or are interested in more information please feel free to contact President Sue Clanton at spclanton@gmail.com, or Treasurer Ellen Pullins at ellen.pullins@utoledo.edu.

Questions, Concerns, Comments, or Rumors

I would like to introduce a way for the community to ask the Otsego Team a question, clarify a rumor, address a concern, or comment on anything Otsego. Please use the form below to ask your question. We will answer them throughout the year in this update. Our goal is to be transparent with the Otsego Community and give you another avenue to ask us questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or email. Thank you!

Click here to submit your question



January 08 @ Genoa – 6:00

January 09 (H) Bowling Green – 1:00

January 14 (H) Woodmore – 6:00

January 16 @ McComb – 12:00

January 19 @ Rossford – 6:00

January 22 @ Lake – 6:00

January 28 (H) Elmwood – 6:00


January 12 @ Elmwood – 6:00

January 15 (H) Eastwood – 6:00

January 16 @ Liberty Center – 6:00

January 21 @ Genoa – 6:00

January 23 (H) Van Buren – 6:00

January 26 (H) Woodmore – 6:00

January 29 @ Rossford – 6:00

January 30 @ Patrick Henry – 6:00


January 12 @ Elmwood – 6:00

January 15 (H) Eastwood – 6:00

January 16 @ Liberty Center – 6:00

January 21 @ Genoa – 6:00

January 23 (H) Van Buren – 6:00

January 26 (H) Woodmore – 6:00

January 29 @ Rossford – 6:00


January 08 Perrysburg Inv. – 4:30

January 09 Perrysburg Inv. – 9:00

January 12 (H) Lake/Evergreen – 5:30

January 22 Van Buren Inv. – 5:00

January 23 Van Buren Inv. – 9:30

February 06 NBC Championships @ Genoa – 10:00


Friday, February 12 for Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling and Cheerleading


Tuesday, March 8 @ 7:00 in the High School gym

Pay-to-Participate fees are now due. Please contact athletics@otsegoknights.org if you have a question regarding your student’s balance.


Community Events Section

Reminder: Please send me any and all community events that you might know of. I love sharing things in and around our great community. I will start sending out updates every Friday starting the first week of school. If you could email me community events by Thursday evening that would be great. Thank you.


Bowling Green Ohio Events

Otsego Board of Education

President: Brad Anderson banderson.otsego@gmail.com

Vice President: Judy Snyder jasnyder715@gmail.com

Board Member: James Harter jameslharter@gmail.com

Board Member: Mark Tolles mdt814@cs.com

Board Member: Elizabeth Gorski jegorski@frontier.com

Lisa Austin, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/EMIS Coordinator

Lori Rea, Curriculum and Technology Integration Director

Lauri Dunham, Special Education Supervisor

Stephen Bihary, School Psychologist

Marc Opsincs, Assistant Elementary Principal

Eva Vasher, Director of Transportation

Jeanne Jeffers, Director of Food Service

Rick Haskins, Director of Maintenance and Custodial