Dealing with Electronic Waste

By: Kunj Patel

Positive ways of dealing with e-waste.

There are many environmentally friendly ways of dealing with waste.

1. Hand Me Down(for businesses):

When a computer system is replaced, the old one is given to a lower department which does not require the latest machines.
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2. Selling the equipment:

Selling the equipment which is not being used can bring in revenue and can also be a environmentally friendly way of getting rid of electronics. You have to be carful though and make sure the person who you are selling it to has the right intentions and will use the electronics not through them in the garbage.
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3. Donating

Donating old unused electronics to charitable organization is another great option. The electronics can be better used by the less fortunate and to put it simply, make you feel better inside.
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4. Cannibalizing

Taking the useful parts out of the computer and using them to fix similar machines.
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If you follow these simple steps, we might just be able to prevent this!


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