Bromine, the Purest Queen (Br)

5$/100g Yea I'll getcha some good smelly purification stuff.

Bromine, Huh?

Bromine is used in pretty much everything that purifies water (and yes that means the chemicals in HOT TUBS). it's also used in gas that you put in your car, and the anti-algae stuff you put in your pool. It can also be pretty ripe too, yea that's right, you can smell it from 20 feet away if you leave it out of it's container. But hey! Why even get it out if its toxic? So be wary of this stuff on your hands (gloves maybe? Gotta keep the PPE god happy.)
Symbol (Br)

Atomic number 35

Atomic Mass 79.904

By Trey Dewey

February 8th 2016