Rise. And Shine.

For Unconditional Happiness

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Thank you for your warm response for the First Edition of the Sunshine School Newsletter. A lot of you appreciated the poem and we certainly will be back with more such story-poems. Plus with the communication ministers in school under the supervision of teacher Jennifer Parras, we will be sure to delight you time and again.

Your kind words have motivated us, but your participation, NOW that will take us all to another level. Don't hesitate, take the leap of faith and join us in this ride where the perks are 'better future' & 'unconditional happiness' for us & our children.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent involvement in school isn't an expectation -- it's an integral component of student achievement and school reform. Years of research studies on the effect of meaningful parent involvement programs in schools have found that:

  • When parents are involved, students achieve more, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnic background, or the parents' education level.
  • When parents are involved, students exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior.
  • To have long-lasting gains for students, parent involvement activities must be well planned, inclusive, and comprehensive.
  • Schools that work well with families have better teacher morale and higher ratings of teachers by parents.
  • School programs that involve parents, outperform identical programs without parent and family involvement.
  • Effective programs are led by a team of administrators, educators, and parents and have access to financial resources.
  • Collaboration with families is an essential component of a reform strategy, but it is not a substitute for high-quality education programs or comprehensive school improvement.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is the hub that keeps all these spokes of the wheel connected & moving. The PTA needs to provide stability and be dynamic, but while at it – It needs to get things done.

We found a lovely video which showcases the ABCs of Parent Involvement. It might be a different set of parents, in a different country, but everyone across the world only wants what's best for their children. Do spend your valuable time understanding the concept of PTA thru this video.

The ABCs of Parent Involvement

PTA aims to collect Rs. 84 per student/per month through an annual billing in the beginning of the academic year. This Rs. 1,000 collected per student will go a long way in solving the many hurdles faced by the school & children presently. E.g. Infrastructure, Social & Emotional development, Hygiene, Kitchen Set-up, Music Equipment, Library, Laboratory and Parent Teacher Communication Tools.

An amount per month, which is less than the cost of one Goan thali, will help turn around the infrastructure to our children's benefit.

Mr. Khaitan will match the funds we collect from the parents in PTA. So, if the parents collectively contribute, say Rs 3 lacs, then the school will match the contribution of the same amount. This along with existing funds will allow us to give back to the School - your kids' second home.

Please do realize that expenses that the school has to bear, immaterial of PTA involvement, will be bourn by the school only. This drive of PTA is for additional activities which go beyond the scope of the school's mandated infrastructure delivery and remains for the collective good of our children to be utilized by the PTA.

An Audit Report for those who wish to know the spends will be available half-yearly. Any & All questions to seek clarification will be answered by the PTA. If you wish to participate in the various activities, get in touch with the respective PTA committee.

Take heart, parents. The journey will be long, but our cause is just.


Christopher D'Souza

VP - Parent Teacher Association

Sunshine Worldwide School

Our first goal...

School management and PTA have unanimously agreed to improve the coaching of sports in our school. We will provide the children with all facilities required to play sports, namely: Football, Basketball, Cricket, Table-tennis and Chess.

We have decided to hire professional coaches for the above mentioned sports who will teach the children, not just make them able in skills and build stamina, but also the right attitude that sports should be played with. They will follow the philosophy of competency and not fierce competition.

We need your help as parents to help us in finding such inspiring coaches, and asking them to send their resume to the school admin as well as the PTA .

Let us work together to give our children the best faculties and facilities. If you know any competent sports coach, please do share the details by replying to this email.

Reading for Education

We the Sunshine School Library committee strongly believe in Reading for Education.
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We know that those children that see their parents come and take part in the school are happy to see their participation. We want to lay the platform for all our children to feel the same, therefore we INVITE you to come join us in promoting our Parent Reading Program.

We request each of you to choose a date convenient to you and sign up to read to your child's class. If you wish to read to another class that is fine too. If you want you could send in a grandparent or the child's older sibling too but someone from the family should come and make the child proud of your participation.

You could contact Beverly D'Souza, who can put your name down against the date and class you choose. Her mobile # is 9503255842.

How it works:

  1. Beverly will let Vienna, our school librarian know the day that you will be coming.
  2. You can come in and choose your spot on the bean bags.
  3. You can bring in your own books or poems or choose from the library.
  4. You can read in any LANGUAGE keeping it interesting but please translate to the kids so that they can understand and absorb.
  5. You can divide the groups or read to the whole class. Some of us divide the groups so that one group can get their library books while the others listen the story you read out to them.
  6. The library class is 40 minutes. We request you to read for at least 30 minutes.
  7. After that the children return to their class. Your child is proud of you!

Dear Parents please remember that it is okay to feel nervous and can get overwhelming to read to so many. Most of us are used to just one or two for an audience. But this is your child's class and you getting over your fears encourages your child to get over theirs.

Don't think about it, just choose a date and sign up!

Please contact Beverly D'Souza, Mobile #95032.55842

Library Awareness Day

Thursday, Aug. 15th 2013 at 10am

Sunshine World School, Tiswadi, Goa, India


Your children invite you to come visit their Library. Open Day held in the Library on the top floor, on August 15th, during the Independence Day Event.

Please be a part of this and show that you care and encourage your child to read and enjoy the world of books!

Bus Drivers in the Classroom

A comprehensive awareness program was held by the Transport committee members for the bus drivers in school.

Authorities representing the RTO (Mr. MVS Usgaonkar, Motor vehicle Inspector & Mr. Anand Upadhye, Asst. Motor Vehicle Inspector) were present in school to make the drivers aware of safety rules, especially concerning the school children. They also gave them plenty of helpful tips in maintaining their vehicles, managing the children in the bus and abiding by basic principles of responsibility and safety.

This was possible due to the joint efforts of the Transport subcommittee members & the school management.

Educate the Heart

If we truly want to prepare our children for the world outside, we must also educate the heart, because to navigate the world outside with compassion, acceptance and tolerance, we need to teach them compassion, acceptance and tolerance.

A few members from the PTA committee have gathered together to further strengthen the school counseling program. We met Charlene Farrell and Leila Badyari from Sunshine School and discussed the possibility of introducing the concept of Educating the Heart within their already established and quite sensible programs. While they along with their colleagues further strengthen the tools in school, the PTA takes the responsibility to educate the parents about this concept. You will hear more about this concept during the Independence Day event or you can view the video below.

If we want our children to grow into socially and emotionally capable young people we must ask for a balanced education that puts importance on educating both the mind and the heart.

Educate the Heart

Mission statement of each PTA Committee

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history" - Mahatma Gandhi

Executive Committee

Sunshine PTA is engaged in a righteous endeavor. Unafraid to stand up for its principle, even when it's unpopular; beholden to no special interests other than improving the lives of our children and teachers


To help create a stress free, fun environment for true learning and to promote effective, enthusiastic assisting instead of teaching.


To encourage a love for reading by highlighting the benefits of good comprehension, intellectual stimulation and wide knowledge.


To promote the importance of responsibility towards self and the community by emphasizing the positives of discipline and diligence.


To encourage sports in the school and promote healthy competition. To help teach our children values like team spirit, perseverance discipline, selflessness and use of motor skills. To be humble in their wins and gracious in defeat!


To host fun-filled entertainment for all-ages. Children, come and have fun! Adults, come and re-live your childhood.


To provide balanced, healthy and hygienic food for our children and staff.


To raise awareness about environmental issues around us - not just act but actively prevent where possible.


Hygiene and cleanliness are not optional - it is necessary.


To make sure that our children are safe and secure at their home away from home.


Safety above all - it is our children's lives!


To Inform, to Communicate, to Entertain and educate! Our three-fold path: Newsletter, Website and School ERP software.

General Sense of Happiness

To promote a life filled with unconditional happiness through events and training- for our children, teachers, parents and school staff! Let us enrich our lives and spread happiness around!

We recommend that you download and keep a copy of the contact details of all the committee members across subcommittees for future reference and participation.

Next Newsletter

In the next Newsletter,

  • Sports activities planned for the coming year.
  • How will the School ERP help the Administration, Parents, Teachers and Students.
  • Share the moments and pictures of the Independence Day Event.
  • More interesting videos & articles...