Crazies of 2015's

what major thing happened in 2015

Drake and Meek Mill

The one thing that caught everyone eyes was the fight between drake and meek mill about drake having a ghost writer. It started on twitter then they made diss songs. Who do you think won?

Gender Equality fo marriage

The United States Supreme Court affirms same-sex marriage nationwide.
US Constitution guaranteed due process and equal protection under the law, which prevents states from banning same-sex marriage


1.Drake and Future dropped the hottest album of 2015 WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE

2. Future dropped his solo album before his collab with drake which was also FIRE

2. Dark Sky Paradise was fire too

3. Kendrick Lamar album was LIt


2015 was the year for internet sensation Dances such as the Whip, Nae Nae, The Quan, The Dab, Shmoney dance and Hit The Folks, and Milly Rock, Billy Bounce and so much more
2015 Dances and Trends