Raymonds Run

author: Tony Cade Bambars

Challenge connection

A new girl Gretchen moves in and she is faster than squeaky and Sqeaky also sees how her brother Raymond runs and so now Gretchen and Raymond are rivals and squeaky coaches him.


A new girl named Gretchen moves into town and Squeaky doesnt like her. Squeaky see that her brother Raymond can run and can also see that the new girl Gretchen is the fastest girl in town. Squeaky coaches her brother for the next rack meet that Grethchen is entering. They all go to the race and Raymond wins.


Squeaky doesn’t like Gretchen at first and their competing against each other. Squeaky coaches her brother to run and Gretchen and ryamond compete against eachother. Raymond and Gretchen race and Raymond wins. Squeaky and Gretchen become friends