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April 2016

Woodholme's Edible Garden

One of our Woodholme teachers, Mr. Leavey, is heading the quest to seek funds to support a new edible garden on the school grounds. This new venture will serve all of our 785 students, from kindergarten to fifth grade. Both the teachers and the students are looking forward to all the phases of this new garden. The garden will serve as a backbone to lessons in health, math, science, social studies and reading for virtually all grades, in addition to being a place where the students learn about how and where food is grown. The money will go towards buying fencing materials, soil, wood for raised beds and garden tools. We have a goal of starting the construction of the fence this spring in order to be ready for a fall garden! We are looking forward to working the garden with the students. It will truly be a community garden and gathering place for all Woodholme families. We appreciate any the support! Donate now

A Note From the Principal

Dear Woodholme Families,

I hope everyone has been enjoying some family time and relaxation during the BCPS spring break!

April begins the busy spring schedule of student testing and more school events. Please make sure you check out both the April and May calendars that are included in the newsletter to see what’s going on at Woodholme. It’s also very important to consider the student testing dates for Grade 3-5 students to avoid absences during PARCC testing for appointments. We appreciate your help with this when scheduling May dentist or doctor appointments for grade 3-5 students!

When viewing the April/May calendars you will also notice that Teacher Appreciation Week, which nationally is scheduled to be May 2-6 this year, has been pushed forward for Woodholme due to PARCC testing in May. We will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week for our Woodholme teachers from April 25-29 this year, but students and families can certainly express their appreciation for our teachers either of those two weeks. Many thanks to the Woodholme PTA who will be providing a lunch for our teachers and staff during the appreciation week!

As you saw above in the newsletter, Woodholme would like to start an edible garden on our school grounds. This curriculum-based endeavor will provide students with an opportunity to learn about the life cycle of plants, the resources needed for plants to grow, and the nutritional value of eating healthy. Students will be an integral part of the planning, caring, and implementation of the school-based edible garden. We are excited to hopefully bring this new adventure to our students next fall! Many thanks to our families who have already contributed to this project!

With the end of the 3rd quarter rapidly approaching on April 8th, I’d like to encourage parents to continue to view their children’s grades and progress online at BCPS One and communicate with teachers any questions or concerns they may have. Let’s keep the lines of communication open and busy for the sake of our students. Teachers appreciate the parent-teacher collaboration, so don’t hesitate to contact them! Reminder: April 8th will be a 3 Hour Early Dismissal for all Elementary and Middle School students to give teachers time to work on grade reporting and data analysis.

Some parents have already asked about the official last day of school, which has not yet been determined. Once the BCPS Board of Education determines the end of the year schedule and last day of school, we will let our families know. After that we will be able to schedule our end of the year activities.

Happy Spring,

Principal Young


Principal: Teresa Young

Assistant Principal: Suzanne DeWeese

Assistant Principal: Cheryl Jones

April 2016

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